Liebherr freezer GG 4010 – efficient refrigeration system for professionals.

This Liebherr appliance offers you efficient refrigeration technology, which is characterized by reliable performance with low energy consumption. Only environmentally friendly refriger ants are used for these refrigerators from the manufacturer, which are powerful and do not harm the environment. An alarm helps to ensure that a constant temperature can always be maintained in the refrigerator.

In addition to many technical advantages, this freezer also convinces with its pleasing design, which in a professional environment in the catering industry or in the storage of medicine already suggests quality and reliability from the outside. Our team will be happy to advise you and is always available to answer any questions you may have about this device.

The most important features at a glance

The Liebherr GG 4010 freezer is a quality appliance made in Germany and created for professional use. Frozen food or sensitive samples and working materials can be stored efficiently in this appliance, even in larger quantities.

A useful subdivision inside helps to arrange the refrigerated contents in a clear manner. This is also supported by the illuminated shelves, which make it easier to identify the contents. The unit's opaque door opens easily on a vertical side lever. The handle is ergonomically designed with a grip profile that facilitates handling even with wet hands. The door's stop is adjustable, which makes it easy to adapt the freezer to the space available. The door is also lockable, so the contents can be protected from access by unauthorized persons.

With a temperature range that goes from -14 °C to -28 °C, this model offers the possibility to choose the right freezing temperature for different products. Precise temperature control can be performed, making it especially suitable as a medicine refrigerator, as sensitive products require a constant temperature all the time.

Perfect design from inside and outside

Even at first glance, you will notice the elegantSwingLine design of this Liebherr refrigerator, which makes a professional impression. Its slightly curved shape, side light strips and a handle profile that extends the entire height of the door are among the visual highlights of this model.

The freezer is designed tall, so there is plenty of storage space in a small footprint. With auseful capacity of 348 liters, this unit is characterized by a high capacity. Its front is kept smooth and simple and is particularly easy to clean. The smooth lines are interrupted only by the handle of the door and the thermostat, which is located above the door on the unit.

The interior is practical and allows products to be placed on shelves or in baskets. There are 6 grids and 3 baskets included. If you need more, you still have the option to expand to a total of 7 baskets. The height of the individual compartments cannot be adjusted in this model. Nevertheless, the division is sensibly designed and allows you to make the most of the capacity. The interior is also extremely easy to clean, allowing you to effortlessly keep the unit hygienically clean.

Modern technology in use

This freezer uses static cooling, which ensures high temperature stability. The temperature display above the door allows you to know the current temperature inside the unit at a quick glance. Defrosting is not automatic in this device, but must be done manually. The cooling system uses a modern refrigerant, which is particularly environmentally friendly.

High quality safety equipment

This freezer is equipped with an alarm that occurs when the desired cooling temperature is exceeded or not reached. The alarm is both audible and visual. In this way, you can react immediately if the temperature inside the freezer ever changes.

Another safety measure is the lockable door, which can be used to restrict access to the freezer.

Technical details at a glance

In the following, we would like to present the technical data of the Liebherr refrigerator in detail. The gross capacity is 382 l, while the useful capacity holds348 l. The device weighs 87 kg with packaging and 81 kg without it.


This refrigerator has external dimensions of 190 x 59.7 x 68 cm. The gross capacity is 382l, while the useful capacity is 348l. The device is equipped with insulation of 6.5 mm.


The unit weighs 87kg with packaging and81kg without packaging.

Low energy consumption & environmentally friendly refrigerants

This freezer is designed to have very low energy consumption and help you reduce operating costs. The unit consumes about 430 kWh per year with constant use.

The model works with a static cooling system, which is filled with R 290 refrigerant. The voltage for this device is 220 -240 volts at a frequency of 50 Hz. The connected load is 1.5 A. The control is electronic and the device is operated by buttons.

Malfunctions are indicated by an audible as well as visual alarm. The temperature range of the freezer is between -14 °C and -28 °C and can be controlled by a digital temperature control, which is placed outside above the door.

Comprehensive advice at

At MedSolut, we will be happy to provide you with a comprehensive consultation without any obligation. We will be happy to answer any questions customers may have about this device. Our expert team is ready to assist you in getting to know this Liebherr refrigerator. We can be reached by phone at +49 30 2096579 00 and via e-mail at[email protected].

Additional information

Weight 92 kg
Cooling technology

Tiefkühlschrank, upright freezer

Lowest temperature

– 28°C

Explosion proof

nein, no

Scope of application

commercial freezer, Gewerbegefriergerät

Glass door

ohne, without


ja (Tür), yes (door)

automatic defrost

ohne, without


akustisch, optical, optisch

Average consumption

1,211 kWh/24h, 1.211 kWh/24h

Cooling (Cooling technology)

static, statisch

Width (refrigerator)

600 mm

Height (refrigerator)

1900 mm

Depth (refrigerator)

680 mm

Depth inside (refrigerator)

480 mm

Width inside (refrigerator)

457 mm

Height inside (refrigerator)

1686 mm