LAUDA overhead shaker Varioshake VS 20 OH


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VS 20 OH from LAUDA: indispensable in every laboratory

You can use laboratory shakers such as the VS 20 OH for versatile work in the laboratory, which, for example, requires both circular and back-and-forth movements. They are also needed, for example, in the fermentation of foodstuffs, the conversion of biochemical reactions and in hybridization. Shakers with test tube devices in enzyme and tissue research are also used in the conception of bacterial cultures.

They guarantee you a correct mixing of the media. This means that all mixing tasks are well covered. LAUDA shakers come in a wide variety of designs and have numerous functional features depending on the type. The standard equipment includes items such as:

  • a low noise level
  • an individual speed control
  • an extremely robust housing
  • suitable for long operation
  • a choice between oscillating movements
  • firm, safe stand
  • uncomplicated operation
  • compact dimensions
  • flexibility
  • manufacturer warranty included

Discover the shakers from LAUDA

Brand manufacturers like LAUDA pay enormous attention to state-of-the-art technology and user-friendly handling. When you choose an instrument from the manufacturer’s portfolio, you are guaranteed not to be disappointed. Durability, considerable durability and efficient instrument running promise the most precise processes and relaxed working.

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Additional information

Weight 105 kg
Dimensions 70 × 77 × 71.5 cm
Shaker speed range max.

20 rpm

Shaking weight max.

20 kg

Shaker type

overhead shaker, Überkopfschüttler