KNF VC 900: Controller for all common vacuum pumps

The KNF VC 900 controller comes into its own when fine control of the vacuum becomes necessary. This KNF digital vacuum controller is portable and has integrated detection of the boiling point of various solutions. This controller is ideal for various rotary evaporator applications.

The device has four different modes and is economical in energy consumption. The particularly simple handling, its easy cleaning and low maintenance as well as the high durability distinguish this controller.

Fine-tuning the vacuum level

The controller is installed between the vacuum pump and the unit. The controller is user-friendly. It is ideally suited as a supplement for an integrated vacuum system, for fine control functions or for an existing vacuum pump.

This KNF controller has a two-stage control valve and a separate control unit with pressure sensors. The great advantage is that the controller can be positioned independently of the control unit. The VC 900 from KNF is chemically resistant, robust and durable.

Practical device for many applications

This model can be used in numerous application areas, where it delivers efficient results. For example, it is used for rotary evaporation, central vacuum supply or distillation.

Due to the compatibility with all vacuum pumps, there is a wide range of possibilities.

In addition, a wide range of accessories is available for this model, some of which can also be used for specific applications. Simply contact us!

Important aspects on the subject of safety

The model is safe to use and certified according to all current standards. Of course, as work equipment for laboratories, it is subject to the obligation of regular DGUV V3 testing, which must be carried out every one to two years. This guarantees that the vacuum controller is functioning properly and that no defects are developing.

The VDE test can be performed by an internal or external electrician who is authorized to perform the test. This significantly increases the longevity of the resistant controller. The pressure sensor system in particular is checked during the safety inspection. During the inspection, emphasis is placed on external damage and functionality.

Defects must be repaired as quickly as possible. Pumps run in continuous operation. This means that the controller must be reliable. For this reason, special attention is paid to the interaction between the controller and the vacuum pump.

By complying with the obligatory DGUV V3 test, the purchase of new vacuum controllers becomes a distant prospect. Operational safety and worker protection are assured at all times when using this controller from KNF.

Technical details at a glance

This controller is made of robust plastic. It can be used with any vacuum pump. The metric operating temperature is between 10 °C to 40 °C and the height is 67 mm.

The voltage is 100 V or 240 V. The portable vacuum controller includes a 150 cm power cord. The weight of the controller is 1.18 kg. The dimensions are 181 mm wide and 101 mm deep. The frequency is 50/60 Hz. Accessories and spare parts are always available.

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