A comprehensive package for your workplace

Our brand manufacturer KNF offers various thermostats for sale. These are suitable for a wide range of work areas. The KNF system package RC 900 is available for scientific and medical use. But it can also be used in industry as well as in environmental science.

Specific applications include sample preparation , material stress testing, reactor temperature control and temperature simulation. In the following, you will learn all the details of the system package.

Key features

The instruments in this popular product series are used for distillation of liquids, among other applications. This package comes with three units

  • the RC 900 rotary evaporator
  • the vacuum pumping system SC 920 G
  • and the C 900 condenser.

The protection class of this model is IP20 – all standards are met. Software is available to control the modules. You will be impressed by its simple operation. With this it is possible to control the processes according to your own wishes.

On the digital display you can read the operating data. The heating bath can be operated at a temperature from 20 °C to 180 °C. It is cordless and has a diode.

Efficient temperature control tasks thanks to modern technology

The housing makes quite a robust impression. Overall, the devices are made of glass as well as silver and white color. A green segment display is available for reading the data.

All functions can be controlled directly via the integrated display. In case of insufficient power supply, the device is automatically shut down. The objects are mostly made of borosilicate glass. They are very powerful.

With the many functional details, attention is also paid to operational safety at the same time. The insertion and engagement of the glass bulb is easily done by hand. Its operating characteristics, such as speed of rotation or immersion depth, can also be controlled by the operator.

The technical data at a glance

The heating capacity of the rotary evaporator is 1 300 watts. Without glass, the dimensions are 431 mm x 447 mm x 464 mm (width/depth/height). With glass, however, the device is 487 mm wide and 823 mm high. It weighs 9.1 kg. The stroke of the device is 150 mm. The device can also be operated by battery. This offers you even more flexibility.

The temperature range of the model is between -10 °C and 40 °C. This is the maximum temperature of the thermostat as well as the lowest temperature, which is responsible for cooling. The maximum flow rate is 1.25 m³/h. A ventilation is also integrated.

All in all, the manufacturer's devices convince with a particularly quiet instrument run. So you can always work under the most optimal conditions.

Further devices of this series

The manufacturer also offers the RC 600 model. It is particularly suitable for use at universities and has, for example, a practical membrane keypad. Even under heavy use, the object continues to run and is ready for operation.

If the power fails, the automatic system removes the glass bulb from the heating bath. The device comes with a heating power of 600 watts, has a stroke of 150 mm and weighs 9.1 kg.

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