KNF SIMDOS 02 Diaphragm metering pumps FEM 1.02

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KNF SIMDOS 02 FEM 1.02: Metering with Precision

KNF SIMDOS 02 FEM 1.02 diaphragm metering pumps are used for metering liquids. The pump head is available in PP, PTFE or PVDF material . The flow rates can be controlled manually or by external control and by an integrated interface.

The external control of the model is separately adjustable. These chemically resistant diaphragm metering pumps are easy to operate. Special safety diaphragms ensure optimum protection.

The delivery diaphragms can be changed by maintenance command . This is integrated in the operating program. Accessories and spare parts are always available on request.

Numerous applications

Due to its special properties, this model is used in chemistry, organic synthetic chemistry, pharmacology, for adhesives, bonding agents, polymer coatings, solvents and cleaning agents , as well as in food technology.

Stable in value, flexible and reliable

This instrument is equipped with additional safety membranes for maximum protection. Safety comes first!

Furthermore, the particularly easy calibration, the cycle dosing mode as well as the individual adjustability to the liquid characteristics are especially advantageous. The small size, the jet water protection according to IP 65 as well as the analog and pulse control RC are additional advantages.

Practical functions, easy handling

These pump models are dry-run safe and self-priming, which contributes to safety. These liquid metering pumps are extremely space-saving and handy to operate.

The units in this series require only a small footprint due to a small size. Intuitive operation makes the FEM 1.02 convenient to use. Calibration is simple and the fluid characteristics are easily adjustable. The choice of control is very flexible.

The technical features

The flow rate is between 0.03 ml/min and 100 ml/min at a pressure head of 60 mws (6 bar), a suction head of 2 mws or 3 mws. The control is adjustable as well as including interface RS 232 RC Plus.

In the standard version, the diaphragm is made of PTFE and the valves of FFKM. The permissible ambient temperature ranges between +5 °C and +40 °C. The allowed liquid temperature for this device is in the range between +5 °C and +80 °C.

The dimensions of the model are 93 mm x 150 mm x 144 mm. The weight is about 0.9 kg. The device is controlled via the RC plus. The flow rate is between 30 µl/min and 20 ml/min.

Safety information

Since this model is a liquid dosing pump, care must be taken to ensure that no liquid can escape. Therefore, additional safety membranes increase the protection. The high functionality and numerous features ensure high comfort during operation and precise results.

To ensure that this remains the case, numerous pieces of electrical work equipment are subject to mandatory DGUV V3 testing, which takes place every one to two years for these devices. This ensures that there are no hidden defects or damage with far-reaching consequences.

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Additional information

Weight 5 kg
Model of pump

diaphragm pump, Membranpumpe, microdosing pump, Mikrodosierpumpe

Max. Conveying capacity

20 ml/min