The KNF RC 900 – safe, simple and functional.

The motorized lift and remote control make this rotary evaporator from KNF a highlight for any laboratory. The minimal space requirement and the slim design are convincing. This model operates very quietly, making it pleasant to work with. Safety is KNF's top priority.

This also applies to the quick piston change. The heating bath without cables ensures undisturbed working and offers additional safety. The unit has a hinged protective hood. The radio remote control is equipped with a practical touch screen and can be removed from the unit.

The scope of delivery

The scope of delivery includes the vaporizer, the steam tube, the hose connections, the power supply unit as well as all glass parts such as the vaporizer flask 1 l, a shatter-proof coated glass condenser and collecting flask 500 ml. Accessories and spare parts are always available.

Safety always comes first!

The motor is protected against overheating. The quick piston change avoids unnecessary downtime. The piston change itself is easy and safe to perform. In the event of a power failure, the piston is automatically lifted out of the heating bath.

This is one of the most important safety criteria. All electrical equipment must be subjected to regular DGUV V3 and VDE testing. This involves checking the rotary evaporator for external damage, hidden defects and functionality.

During this inspection, which is carried out every one to two years, special attention is paid to the functioning of safety criteria such as the automatic lifting of the pistons in the event of a power failure.

The latter corresponds to the emergency stop switch on most electrical work equipment. This increases the longevity many times over. The shatterproof coating of the glass parts is enormously important for continuous use. Glass shards not only cause injuries to the operator, they can damage the equipment or block its operation.

During the inspection, the protective hood is also checked for any cracks. It must be possible to unfold it without any problems, as it guarantees quick access.

The technical specifications

The temperature of the heating bath is between 20 °C and 180 °C. The permissible pressure is 3 bar and the temperature in the range -15°C to +20 °C. This rotary evaporator can cool a surface of 1230 cm².

The wide volume of the evaporator flask ranges from 50 ml to 3000 ml. The speed range is between 25 l/min and 250 l/min.

The KNF RC 900 is equipped with a motor lift. The lift travel is 150 mm and the lifting speed is approx. 38 mm/s. The heating power of the rotary evaporator is 1,300 W. The unit weight is 9.10 kg.

The advantages of the model

The central radio remote control can be used for all functions. A practical function display is available for the heating bath operation. The temperature range as well as the volume offer a wide range of possibilities. The motorized lift and remote control make work much easier.

The quiet operation increases concentration when working with the high-quality model from KNF. The slim design saves an enormous amount of space. The weight is somewhat high, but it is stable. With a floor-standing device of this type, the enormous stability and high functionality are in the foreground.

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Additional information

Height adjustment Rotary Evaporator

150 mm

Heating capacity Rotary Evaporator

1300 W

Operation (Rotary evaporator)

heating, heizen