KNF LABOXACT Chemically Resistant Vacuum Systems SEM 842

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Maintenance-free vacuum system KNF LABOXACT SEM 842

When planning your laboratory, the supply of vacuum is an important and complex component. The requirements for vacuum technology vary greatly depending on the area of application. Be sure to include your individual needs in the selection of the system right from the start.

The optimal "tools of the trade" guarantee the best results and comfortable work. Do not underestimate the role that vacuum often plays. Chemically resistant vacuum systems help to achieve fast, comfortable, safe and reproducible results.

The most important features at a glance

The LABOXACT SEM 842 from the portfolio of our manufacturer KNF is energy-efficient, flexible and fast. Even at high pressure, only a low noise level is generated. The large vessel volume offers many possibilities.

The unit operates with an oil-free compressor unit, offers chemical resistance, is easy to operate and requires little maintenance. The continuous runner brings maximum reliability, works without distortion during evacuation, conveying and compression.

Designed specifically for use on the rotary evaporator, the unit is chemical resistant and equipped with a fine control valve. Another feature is the high gas density, environmental friendliness is guaranteed.

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Clear design

The device presents itself in a clear design, simple and modern at the same time. The sturdy housing shows up in white, a good contrast to the black hoses. The switches and controls are located on the front, thus a comfortable operation is guaranteed.

Comfortable technology

A digital vacuum meter provides information for the current system pressure, a fine adjustment valve allows the stepless regulation of the vacuum. The safety vent valve allows evaporation to be stopped by venting the piston, and a separate on/off switch for the pump is provided.

The model is equipped with an inert gas connection, and is delivered fully assembled. You have safe control over the evaporation, even with low boiling solvents you are offered high recovery rates.

The closed system arrangement enables gentle distillation, a fine adjustment valve allows stepless regulation of the vacuum. When the desired vacuum is reached, the fine adjustment valve can be closed and the pump switched off. The unit operates extremely quietly and is maintenance-free.

Technical data at a glance

The device belongs to pump type N 842.3 FT.18. The delivery rate is 34 liters per minute, the ultimate vacuum is 2mbar. A connection for a hose with inner diameter 10 mm is available, the pump head belongs to the category TEM (TM) PTFE. The diaphragm is PTFE coated, the valves are made of FFPM.

The dimensions of the device are 442 mm x 305 mm x 481 mm, the weight is 18.6 kg. A 230 volt mains connection is required.

The series of SEM vacuum systems

The series of SEM vacuum systems consists of four models, SEM 810, SEM 820, SEM 840 and SEM 842. All models are supplied including base plate, condenser, separator, vacuum gauge, fine adjustment valve, safety vent valve, cabling and hose.

The individual models differ mainly in the possible flow rate from 10 liters per minute up to 34 liters per minute. The weight is also different.

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Additional information

Weight 23 kg
Model of pump

pumping system, Pumpsystem

Max. Conveying capacity

2,04 m³/h