KNF LABOPORT Chemically Resistant Vacuum Systems SC 820


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KNF SC 820 Chemically Resistant Vacuum Pump System for Evaporation

The KNF SC 820 chemical-resistant vacuum pump system is equipped with a membrane vacuum pump, which is also chemical-resistant. It also includes a separator, base plate, vacuum controller and a high performance condenser on the discharge side. The pump is capable of automatically and accurately detecting the boiling point.

Boiling point tracking is possible with the integrated ramp function. The model is perfectly suited for rotary evaporation and all other applications where accurate vacuum control is required. If you have any further questions, please contact our team at any time.

The most important functions

The maximum flow rate of the unit is 20 liters per minute. The maximum ultimate vacuum is specified as 6 mbar. The integrated ramp function allows the boiling point to be detected automatically and accurately. Similarly, boiling point tracking is possible through the ramp function.

Even with boiling solvents in the low temperature range, high recovery rates can be achieved.

The instrument is equipped with a radio remote control for safe and easy operation, unless the instrument is located in closed fume hoods.

Modern design & functional equipment

The design features a modern finish. The equipment includes, for example, the ramp function, which is responsible for the detection and tracking of the boiling point. In addition, high recovery rates are possible even when boiling solvents are processed at low temperatures.

The remote control allows safe and easy operation of the pump system. In addition, operation is carried out in an intuitive manner via touch-screen display and in parallel with the very precise control using the rotary knob. In total, there are four operating modes. These allow the processing of all conventional applications in laboratories.

Technical data at a glance

To give you an even more detailed impression of the model, we would like to inform you about the other technical data of the device. We will list these briefly and clearly.

The dimensions are given as 397 mm x 289 mm x 506 mm in length, width and height. Thus, the system is very compact and flexible. It does not require much space to be placed. Therefore, you can use it virtually anywhere in the laboratory.

In combination with the weight of only 16 kg, you also succeed in transporting the device easily, should this be necessary. Energy consumption is 120 watts, so you can use the pump system sparingly.

The device is subject to protection class IP 30 according to the standard DIN EN 60529. Generally, the protection class IP refers to the housing of devices. The meaning for the IP 30 protection class is: The device is protected against penetration by dangerous objects.

There is also protection against solid foreign bodies with a diameter of 2.5 mm or more. However, there is no protection against water.

Are there other models in this series available?

If you are still looking for a similar model to compare this model with, we have picked out a similar device that we briefly describe.

  • LABOPORT SH 820 G: This system is especially suitable for particularly corrosive or aggressive vapors and gases, as it is very tolerant of condensate and steam. It is equipped with an integrated speed control and an integrated gas ballast valve.

Get to know more advantages of the model!

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Additional information

Weight 21 kg
Model of pump

pumping system, Pumpsystem

Max. Conveying capacity

1,2 m³/h