Julabo Temperature Control System PRESTO -40 °C to +250 °C



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Efficient solution for your laboratory tasks

The Julabo PRESTO is a new type of process thermostat that regulates temperatures in the laboratory quickly and with high precision. Highly efficient components ensure that endothermic and exothermic reactions are compensated for extremely quickly.

The ease of operation as well as the clear display of all information is ensured by the integrated 5.7° industrial touch panel . This model thus guarantees highly dynamic temperature control systems.

The technical specification

The heating capacity of this high-quality device offers 2.7 kW in an ambient temperature range from +5 °C to +40 °C. This thermostat has a 5.7" color industrial touch screen with a clear display of all information, which guarantees easy control.

This powerful model features ICC cascade control with ±0.01 °C consistency. The integrated programmer is equipped with a real-time clock.

The pump capacity and level are displayed electronically. The powerful circulation pumps are electronically adjustable in steps or by pressure value presets.

In addition, the high-quality PRESTO has an interface for the SD memory card as well as connections for USB, RS232, Ethernet and an alarm output. Optimally there is the possibility for analog connections, a Modbus, a Profibus DP as well as a RS485 interface. The maximum thermostat temperature is +250 °C. The lowest temperature of the cooling function is between -40°C and -30°C.

Easy handling, many applications

The PRESTO is used for cooling and heating. It impresses with a particularly high level of user-friendliness. This product range offers state-of-the-art technologies for temperature control. Demanding, external temperature control tasks are made much easier with this powerful unit. The model is used for material stress tests, temperature simulations as well as reactor temperature control.

Important safety information

The display comes with numerous monitoring, protection and warning functions with plain text display. The unit has permanent internal monitoring as well as self-lubricating pumps. Thus, overheating cannot occur. In addition, the longevity is increased enormously.

Since it is an electrical tool for laboratory use, the model is subject to mandatory electrical testing in accordance with DGUV V3. This ensures occupational safety and operational reliability. Particularly with temperature control tasks, special attention must be paid to overheating and thus to operational safety.

These functions as well as other special hazards, which depend on the respective environment of the device, are taken into account during the VDE test . As a result, no operational shutdowns or accidents can occur. Worker protection is also provided by the device design as well as various warning indicators on the display.

The regular electrical tests not only check the device, but also the connections and the indications on the display. The most important characteristic values are cross-checked with reference values, so that even hidden defects can be quickly detected and counteracted in time.

The advantages of this powerful device

The space-optimized design provides more room right next to your other laboratory equipment. The thermostat cools down extremely quickly and also heats up again quickly. The temperature control liquid does not need to be changed when testing other working temperature ranges.

The quality instrument reacts enormously fast to endothermic and exothermic reactions and compensates for them. The thermostat enables highly precise applications in the outdoor temperature range. The ventilation grille is removable, which facilitates cleaning enormously.

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