Julabo Highly Dynamic Temperature Control System Magnum 91

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Julabo Magnum 91 Temperature Control System for Cooling/Heating

The Julabo Magnum 91 temperature control system is suitable for heating and cooling reactors with a maximum capacity of 50 liters. It can cool down and heat up very quickly in the complete temperature range between -92 and +250 °C.

Furthermore, it ensures immediate compensation of endo- and exothermic reactions. Do you have further questions about the device? We are here for you.

Innovative functions

This unit is a very dynamic temperature control system that allows you to perform demanding activities. The cooling is water-based, the heating capacity is 6 kW and the cooling capacity is maximum 5 kW.

Thanks to the intelligent so-called ICC cascade temperature control, you can achieve very fast and at the same time very accurate results.

Operations that depend on the temperature and time, use the integrated programmer. Furthermore, the system is able to cool or heat closed external temperature control circuits.

This results in reduced oxidation as well as increased service life of the liquids to be tempered. Disturbing odors and vapors cannot escape in this way.

Modern design and practical features

With the system, very precise external temperature control is possible. Especially the very short cooling down and heating up is advantageous. Large temperature ranges are possible, for which no change of heat transfer medium is required. The equipment includes both an LCD display with control panel and a VFD display that can be clearly read.

The ICC cascade temperature control works very accurately. There is an RS232 RS485 interface on the unit so you can also connect a computer.

The pump power levels can be adjusted electronically. There is also a Pt100 external sensor connection on the system. The integrated programmer offers 6 x 60 program steps.

An early warning system is fitted to prevent low level. Other details include 3-point calibration and Temperature Control features for control dynamics. Overtemperature protection can be set.

Technical features

The operating temperature range is between -91 and +250 °C. Temperature stability is specified as +/- 0.05 to 0.2 °C. In addition, the display and setting resolution is 0.01 °C. The programmer has 6 x 60 steps.

The temperature is displayed on an LCD and VFD display. Furthermore, the heating power is six kW. The pump capacity is from 24 to 35 liters per minute, and the delivery pressure is from 0.8 to 2.2 bar.

The additional technical details in brief

There are other technical details that are relevant for you if you want to buy the model. We describe them in an overview.

The dimensions of the model are 71 cm x 88 cm x 165 cm in width, depth and height. It is a stable and durable system, which is also reflected in the weight of 442 kilograms. It is operated at a mains voltage of 230 volts.

The device is classified according to DIN 12876-1, and the protection class is IP 20, which states that the device is protected from contact with foreign bodies larger than twelve millimeters. However, it is not protected from water, so you need to pay attention to this when using it.

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