Julabo High Dynamic Temperature Control System Forte HT C.U.



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Forte HT C.U. from Julabo: High-quality solution for your laboratory.

The Julabo Forte HT C.U. can provide working temperatures between +40 °C and +400 °C with the cooling unit. This means that the cooling unit can be used for temperature control tasks from as low as +40 °C. This cooling unit is operated with tap water and it allows fast cooling phases in the entire temperature range.

This means that exothermic reactions can be compensated for immediately, even at high temperatures. The process thermostat allows reliable cooling to the desired temperature.

Key features

This model is liked by our customers, for example, thanks to its strong performance and first-class construction. It is therefore super suitable for use in microbiology, histology, clinical, industrial and environmental laboratories. It provides extremely useful assistance in sample preparation, reactor temperature control, material stress testing or temperature simulation.

The high temperature thermostats in this Forte HT series are ideal for temperature control of external, closed systems at the temperature range of +70 °C to +400 °C. These devices are compact and closed in their design.

Practical functions of the unit

The Julabo Forte HT C.U. consists of various device components. For example, there is a control unit with a keypad, which can be used to program settings.

Overall, the device is extremely robustly builtand optimal cooling and heating performance can be provided. Endothermic reactions can be responded to quickly.

Applications include reactors, autoclaves, distillation columns as well as miniplant installations and even production plants. The enclosed design reduces oxidation and effectively prevents odors and vapors from escaping at high temperatures.

The IP protection class according to IEC 60529 is IP 31. Temperature control applications at 40 °C with fast cooling are possible.

The RS232/RS485 interface can be used for programming the system (the EasyTemp software for control via a PC).

Technical data at a glance

The dimensions of the unit without the separate control unit are at (W x D x H) 250 mm x 250 mm x 180 mm. There is an ICC temperature control with Intelligent Cascade Control, which is self-optimizing. An integrated programmer exists for 6 x 60 program steps.

The working temperature is in the range up to +400 °C. The pump capacity is really strong with 18 liters per minute at 1.2 bar maximum.

It is also possible to fill the system without bubbles with an automatic vent. There is an integrated automatic heating system. The unit has a bright MULTI-DISPLAY (LED) with a display resolution of 0.01 °C.

The 4-line LCD display is backlit and absolutely comfortable to use. Analog programmer and temperature recorder connections are available and there is a stand-by function.

You can also use an electronic level indicator. The ICC cascade temperature control is highly accurate. The design of the model is space-optimized, so more space is offered right next to the units.

There is a maximum cooling capacity of up to 15 kW at 20 °C cooling water. Cooling is controlled for high temperatures and fast cooling.

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