Optimal distillation tasks with the IKA rotary evaporator RV 8 V-C

The RV 8 V-C from IKA has become indispensable in many of our customers' laboratories. It is ideally suited for distilling and evaporating solvents. In addition to numerous features, the various versions from IKA are equipped with basic features:

  • Central operation
  • USB interfaces
  • Timer function
  • Lock function
  • Extremely high performance in continuous operation
  • Individual programming options
  • Temperature display
  • High level of safety
  • Depending on model: integrated vacuum controller
  • Depending on model: automatic ventilation
  • Depending on model: automatic cooling management
  • And much more...

Rotary evaporator from IKA

Heating capacity: 1300 W

Stroke: 120 mmCooling surface: 1500 qcm

Rotary evaporators from the brand manufacturer IKA are evidence of the highest quality and first-class performance standards. The RV 8 V-C makes routine and analytical work in the laboratory very easy. Individual settings, its user-friendly control system and a high capacity make these products stand out. No matter which rotary evaporator you choose, the design of the products from IKA Labortechnik is always excellent. If you are interested, we can also provide you with software solutions developed for laboratory and analysis appliances on request.

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Additional information

Weight 35 kg
Dimensions 34.5 × 51 × 49 cm
Heating capacity Rotary Evaporator

1300 W

Lift Rotary Evaporator

Handlift, Motor DC, Motor Gleichstrom

Cooling surface Rotary Evaporator

1500 qcm

Height adjustment Rotary Evaporator

120 mm

Operation (Rotary evaporator)

cooling, heizen, kühlen