Powerful rotary evaporator in an award-winning design

A rotary evaporator is indispensable in the laboratory, it is used to concentrate solutions and evaporate the solvent. The first devices were successfully used as early as the beginning of the 1950s, and today it is impossible to imagine a chemical laboratory without an evaporator.

The RC 3 V from IKA's RV series works reliably and impresses with its attractive appearance. It is used in laboratories in the areas of research, development, production, quality assurance as well as in plant construction.

The features of the IKA RV 3 V

The entry-level model of this series has a manual lift. This enables precise positioning of the glassware and can be operated with one hand. The immersion angle can also be adjusted.

With the powerful vacuum pumps and the circulation cooler from the IKA range, you have everything from a single source. The perfectly matched components result in an optimally coordinated system. This even allows you to supply several evaporators with one cooling unit and one pump.

The heating bath is suitable for temperatures up to 99 °C, it has carrying handles and a digital temperature display. The lift has a mechanical end point stop. The locking mechanism is practical, an indicator informs about the position of the steam transmission tube, red stands for unlocked. Thanks to a manual lift, the glassware can be precisely positioned.

Practical functions

The immersion angle is adjustable, the manual lift is suitable for both left- and right-handed users thanks to one-handed operation. The speed can be infinitely adjusted via display scale and rotary knob. Special safety is provided by the 24 V extra-low voltage in the unit.

The piston attachment has an integrated forcing-off device for replacing the evaporator piston. The cooler works highly efficiently, despite its 1,500 cm2 capacity, it requires only a small amount of space. The glassware of the RV series is compatible with each other.

Highest precision in modular design

The units of the RV 3, RV 8 and RV 10 series offer you, as a demanding user, outstanding solutions in distillation. High-quality technology, attractive design and a fair price-performance ratio will convince you. The IKA RV 3 V is the entry-level model, the RV 8 presents itself as a manual standard model in terms of rotary evaporators.

The RV 10 brings exceptional features, such as digital temperature display, interval operation, soft start as well as an adjustable end position detection, an RS-232 interface.

Award-winning design

The devices in this series not only impress with their scope of performance, but also offer an award-winning design. They bring the difference to your lab and integrate into any lab setup. The white-blue design is wonderful to look at, clear lines stand for easy handling.

The display has a clearly readable readout, all in all the look of the model is reminiscent of a hygienically clean, small food processor.

Technical data at a glance

The device offers excellent features, its technical data will convince you. The cooling surface is 1,500 cm2, the cooler design is vertical. The motor works with direct current and brings a speed from 20 to 300 rpm. The speed tolerance is +/- 1%, the lift works manually.

The stroke is 150 mm, the heating temperature range is between room temperature and 99 ° Celsius. The dimensions of the model are 440 mm x 530 mm x 330 mm. The permissible relative humidity is 80%. The protection class according to DIN EN 60529 is IP 20. The circulating cooler provides 400 watts of cooling power and is designed for cooling tasks down to minus 10 degrees Celsius.

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Additional information

Weight 17 kg
Dimensions 33 × 44 × 53 cm
Height adjustment Rotary Evaporator

150 mm

Lift Rotary Evaporator

Handlift, Motor DC, Motor Gleichstrom

Cooling surface Rotary Evaporator

1500 qcm

Operation (Rotary evaporator)

cooling, heizen, kühlen