IKA RO 5 magnetic stirrer: the professional stirrer for the laboratory

The IKA RO 5 magnetic stirrer is the ideal device when it comes to mixing liquids in the laboratory. The enormous performance in terms of stirring power, the stable stirring plate and the smooth-running motor ensure reliable use. Our service team will be happy to answer your questions and provide you with information about the device.

The features of this model

The digital multi-position magnetic stirrer has five synchronously running stirring positions. These are not equipped with a heater. The noiseless coil drive technology ensures identical speeds at all stirring positions. This enables serial tests under conditions that are reproducible.

Even during load changes, the speeds remain constant. The design of the unit is compact, making cleaning of the RO 5 easy. It also offers protection against liquid penetration. The scope of delivery includes a transparent anti-slip foil, which is removable. Furthermore, the device has the following popular features:

  • Reverse direction of rotation is adjustable
  • ECO mode for low heating
  • wear-free coil drive
  • Error code display
  • Simple operation
  • Membrane keypad
  • Suitable for continuous operation
  • Speed range from 0 – 1200 1/min

More from the RO series

Our assortment includes a wide range of magnetic stirrers in various designs. Choose from models with heating and temperature control, without heating or one of the practical devices from the IKA series – without heating and stirring in small vessels.

The RO 10 magnetic stirrer has the same features as the RO 5, but with 10 synchronously running stirring positions. The third stirrer in the series is the RO 15 with 15 synchronously running stirring positions. Thanks to the detailed instructions and description of the functions, the operation of the components is relatively simple.

Practical in execution, appealing in design

The unit's appealing design blends into the clinically clean atmosphere of any laboratory. The slim, elongated design is visually appealing. The digital display and control front are located at the front of the device, and the stirring positions run one behind the other on the magnetic stirrer.

The operation of the device is thus clear, easy to handle and offers a clear appearance. The digital display is illuminated in red digits, the control panel is designed as a membrane keypad.

Technical data at a glance

The magnetic stirrer IKA RO 5 convinces with its equipment and features. The absolutely reliable device is suitable for continuous operation.

The number of stirring positions is 5, the stirring position distance is 90 mm. The speed deviation of the individual stirring positions is 0 %, the maximum stirring quantity per stirring position is 0.4 liters of H2O.

The speed can be adjusted in 10 rpm steps, the speed range is between 0 and 1200 rpm, the stirring rod length is 25 to 30 mm. The footprint is made of stainless steel and the dimensions here are 120 mm x 470 mm – giving you enough space for your materials.

The device itself has dimensions of 120 mm x 60 mm x 570 mm (W/H/D) and a weight of 3.66 kilograms. The permissible ambient temperature range should be a temperature of 5 °C – 40 °C, the permissible relative humidity is 80%. The device belongs to the IP 40 protection class, the voltage is from 100 to 240 V, the frequency is 50/60 Hz. The input power is 13 watts, the current consumption is 500 mA.

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Additional information

Weight 4 kg
Stirring positions

mehrstellig, multiple places

Stirring volume

400 ml


ohne Heizung, without heating


intern, internal

Model of stirrer

magnetic stirrer, Magnetrührer

Speed range max. (stirrer)

1200 rpm

Material (plate)

Edelstahl, stainless steel

Width (magnetic stirrer, agitator)

120 mm

Temperature range

+5°C bis +40°C (80% Luftfeuchte), +5°C up to +40°C (80% humidity)

Protection category

IP 40

Height (magnetic stirrer, agitator)

60 mm

Depth (magnetic stirrer, agitator)

570 mm