IKA IC basic: for temperature control tasks in the laboratory

IKA thermostats are used in a variety of applications in laboratories. They convince our customers with reliable performance and first-class durability. The immersion thermostat IKA IC basic is ideally suited for use in microbiological, histological, clinical, industrial and environmental laboratories.

The model's field of application is in the areas of sample preparation, reactor temperature control, material stress testing and temperature simulation.

The manufacturer's devices are available in the most versatile versions and have many helpful features, depending on the model. Basic equipment includes software & USB interfaces, for example.

The most important details

The models of this series provide fast heating times and stable temperature conditions. The thermostats operate quietly and maintenance is low. The immersion thermostat complies with all relevant standards and directives.

Design and features

The device offers durable design, simple operation and a wide temperature range. On the digital display you can find the different program settings. Pump speed and temperature are easy to read on the LED display.

The menu navigation is intuitive via push buttons and rotary knobs. The thermostat has a connection socket for an external PT100 temperature sensor.

The equipment includes a pull-out bath bridge. This can optionally be replaced by a fixed bridge. The device has optical and acoustic warning functions. The USB / RS-232 interface is used for PC control and documentation via labworldsoft(TM) and for online firmware updates.

Functionality and state-of-the-art technology

The powerful integrated pressure and suction pump allows the thermostat to be used for internal and external applications. The IC basic is mostly used for temperature control of bath vessels. With the help of a clamp, it can be easily fixed to the rim of the vessel.

The stainless steel bath bridge can be combined with water baths of different sizes. For temperature control close to ambient temperature, you can connect a cooling coil to the device. The product meets the highest safety classification iii fl for use with flammable liquids according to DIN 12876.

Technical data

The bath depth must be at least 150 mm. The unit has a weight of 26.06 kg. The pump capacity is variable. The maximum pump pressure is 0.61 bar and the temperature range is from RT to 250 °C.

The dimensions of the product are 285 mm x 313 mm x 291 mm. The model can be programmed without any problems via the user-friendly menu navigation.

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Additional information

Weight 10.5 kg


Thermostat Temperature max.



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