IKA RW 28 digital agitator for mixing highly viscous samples.

The IKA RW 28 digital works mechanically and is powerful. It is suitable for mixing highly viscous samples in pilot plants or laboratories. The equipment includes motor overheating protection, which is made possible by a temperature limiter.

In addition, you get an optional stand mounting and a stirrer shaft protection. Would you like advice on the device? We are here for you.

The most important functions of the stirrer

The speed of the device is displayed digitally. It can be continuously adjusted between 60 and 1,400 revolutions per minute within two ranges. The agitator shaft can be plugged through. There is also an error code display and overload protection.

The agitator convinces with its continuous power drive and the high running smoothness. Overall, it can be clearly said that the handling and operation are very simple and user-friendly.

The design and additional equipment of the agitator

The model is characterized by its ergonomic design, which at the same time convinces with stability and is robust. In the front area there is the already mentioned LED display, which tells you the speed.

On the right side is the rotary knob, which allows you to adjust it continuously. Its setting accuracy is specified as plus/minus 1 rpm. Deviations are also possible. These are plus/minus 10 rpm.

The speed range varies between 60 and 1,400 rpm. You may fill a maximum of 80 liters into the unit per stirring point. The permitted duty cycle is 100 percent.

The unit is fastened with a chuck. The clamping range here is 1 to 10 mm.

In addition, the inner diameter of the hollow shaft is 10.5 mm. When the device is at rest, the hollow shaft can be pushed through. It is fixed to the stand by a cantilever with a diameter of 16 mm and a length of 145 mm.

In addition, you regulate the speed mechanically by means of a rotary knob. The rated torque is specified at nine Nm. Manufactured, the agitator is made of coated cast aluminum, paired with thermoplastic. Provided no tool is present, the noise level is 62.5 dB.

The permitted ambient temperature range is five to 50 °C, and the permitted relative humidity is 80 percent.

The most important technical data

Finally, we would like to present the technical data that are of particular importance to you. This will give you the opportunity to get an even more accurate picture of the device.

The dimensions of the mixer are 123 mm x 364 mm x 252 mm in width, height and depth. The weight is 7.5 kilograms, so it is quite light and handy. The power consumption is 220 watts, so the energy consumption is relatively low and economical.

The device complies with the DIN EN 60529 standard and belongs to the IP 40 protection class. What does this mean for you when using the model in the laboratory? The first number of the protection class means that it is protected from contact and solid bodies. The second number means that there is protection against moisture.

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Additional information

Weight 10.5 kg
Dimensions 710 × 420 × 290 cm
Stirring volume

80 l


ohne Heizung, without heating


intern, internal

Stirring positions

einstellig, one place

Model of stirrer


Speed range min (stirrer)

60 rpm

Speed range max. (stirrer)

1400 rpm

Temperature range

+5°C bis +40°C (80% Luftfeuchte), +5°C up to +40°C (80% humidity)

Protection category

IP 40

Width (magnetic stirrer, agitator)

123 mm

Height (magnetic stirrer, agitator)

364 mm

Depth (magnetic stirrer, agitator)

252 mm