Huber Unistat 510w

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Versatile solution for your lab

The 510w is preferred by our customers for its reliable performance and first-class durability. It is ideal for use in microbiology, histology, clinical, industrial and environmental laboratories. It provides extremely useful assistance in sample preparation, reactor temperature control, material stress testing or temperature simulation.

Huber thermostats come in a variety of models and have many functional features depending on the type of instrument. Standard features include factors such as:

  • available USB interfaces & software
  • robust, compact housing
  • air cooling
  • short cooling times
  • Individually adjustable programmes
  • Extensive temperature range
  • High temperature stability
  • Digital display
  • Easy to operate
  • Complies with all applicable standards and directives

Further details:

Thermostat type: Process thermostatMax. temperature: +250C

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