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Energy-efficient temperature control tasks with the "Huber Einhngethermostate".

The temperature control units from Huber are used extensively in laboratories. Many of our customers like this tool especially because of its unmistakable performance and first-class durability. It is therefore perfectly suited for use in microbiological, histological, clinical, industrial and environmental laboratories. It provides excellent assistance in sample preparation, reactor temperature control, material stress testing or temperature simulation.

The thermostats and temperature controllers from Huber come in a wide variety of versions and, depending on the thermostat type, have additional functional extras. The standard equipment includes points such as:

  • short heating/cooling times
  • wide temperature range
  • durable construction
  • USB interface and software
  • ventilation
  • User-friendly menu & operation
  • Individual setting options
  • High temperature stability
  • complies with all applicable directives and standards
  • several programme plans available
  • digital display
  • Robust housing parts
  • Low-noise and low-maintenance

Further information:

Thermostat type: single thermostatMax. temperature: +200C

A single thermostat, like this one, is often used to temper different sized baths. Thanks to an integrated clamp, you can simply hook the device into the vessel to be heated and control it via the simple temperature control. Smooth heating and cooling times are guaranteed.

Our service team will provide you with information about other features whenever you need it.

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