Huber circulation cooler, air cooled, heating, OLÈ-controller



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Highly efficient solution for many laboratory tasks

Our customers use Huber thermostats for a wide range of laboratory applications. These include microbiological, histological, clinical, industrial and environmental laboratories. They particularly appreciate the temperature control unit for its reliable performance and first-class durability. Working with the Unichiller P is an important step in sample preparation, reactor temperature control, material stress testing or temperature simulation.

The thermostats and temperature controllers from Huber come in a wide variety of versions and, depending on the type, have numerous useful features. The basic equipment includes items such as:

  • short heating/cooling times
  • wide temperature range
  • durable construction
  • USB interface and software
  • ventilation
  • User-friendly menu & operation
  • Individual setting options
  • High temperature stability
  • complies with all applicable directives and standards
  • several programme plans available
  • digital display
  • Robust housing parts
  • Low-noise and low-maintenance

Discover the Unichiller P

Thermostat type: recirculating chiller, circulating chillerMax. temperature: +100C

The Unichiller P circulator is not only impressive for its compact design and small footprint. The water-protected membrane keypad and the easy filling of the cooler make your daily work easier.

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Additional information

Dimensions N/A
Thermostat Temperature max.


Lowest temperature (cooling function)

-10°C, -20°C


cooling, heating, heizen, kühlen


Umlaufkühler, Umwälzkühler

Refrigeration machine

air-cooled, luftgekühlt