Heidolph Titramax 100 platform shaker


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Effective sample preparation with the Heidolph Titramax 100.

This shaker from Heidolph is particularly suitable for processes in which the cell culture must be kept in motion. The nutrient distribution succeeds excellently with this device. This is ensured in particular by the shaking orbit of 1.5 mm and the powerful speed of 150-1350 rpm.

If you choose a shaker from the manufacturer's range, you are guaranteed not to be disappointed. Durability, considerable durability and efficient instrument running guarantee the most precise results and work that is fun.

Special features of the Titramax 100

The Titramax 100 is a space-saving model with a load capacity of 2 kg. The model is the ideal shaker for 4 microtiter plates. The 1.5 mm rocking track offers you a gentle way to achieve excellent and extremely precise mixing results.

The integrated timer can be set for up to 120 minutes, and a signal sounds when the time has elapsed. Since this unit can be integrated into a modular incubation system, temperature control can also be easily performed.

An insulated drive prevents the platform from heating up. No thermal damage to your samples, even after hours of continuous operation.

With the capacity of six microtiter plates, even more samples can be processed. Simply contact us if you would like to increase the capacity or purchase a larger model.

Discover the product series

In addition to this model, you can also choose from other products in the Heidolph series. These include the Heidolph Titramax 101, which has many similarities to its predecessor. However, with the large 3-mm orbit of this shaker, you can achieve excellent mixing results even with solids-laden samples.

Then there is the Heidolph Titramax 1000, which is the largest model in the Titramax range. An insulated drive here prevents the platform from heating up. This means that there is no thermal damage to the samples even after hours of continuous operation.

Last but not least, there is the Heidolph Vibramax 110 platform shaker. This is ideally suited for a variety of vessels and is available with optional tube accessories that can hold up to 49 samples simultaneously. Extensive accessories and tension rollers allow for countless combination possibilities. The speed is adjustable from 150 to 2,500 rpm.

Technical features at a glance

In addition to the functional details, the technical features are also important for choosing the optimal shaker.

This model moves smoothly, vibrating in a circular motion in a speed range of 150 – 1,350 rpm. It allows for particularly easy loading and unloading.

The operating mode can be set via a timer function (maximum 120 minutes) or to continuous operation as required. The stroke path is 1.5 mm. This gives you optimum, precise results.

With a usable area of 290 mm x 258 mm, the model can be easily stored in the laboratory. The shaker can be loaded with up to 5 kg. The overheating protection of this model resets itself.

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Additional information

Weight 7.5 kg
Shaking weight max.

2 kg

Shaker speed max.

1350 rpm

Shaker type

vibration shaker, Vibrationsschüttler