ESTA Stationary dust extractor – MOBEX P-36 ATEX


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Clean working conditions thanks to the P-36 ATEX from ESTA Absaugtechnik

Sterile working conditions with the P-36 ATEX from ESTA Absaugtechnik: Our customers trust in the P-36 ATEX from ESTA Absaugtechnik! They use the model, for example, in industry and laboratories in all specialist areas. The P-36 ATEX from ESTA Absaugtechnik supports the prevention or reduction of various contaminants in the air or materials at the workplace, which can cause diseases such as cancer or asthma and irritation of the skin, throat, lungs and mucous membranes or bronchial tubes. Other features include:

  • Construction from durable materials such as stainless steel
  • Extensive filling capacity
  • Simple control
  • low noise level
  • compact design
  • fast cleaning
  • high performance Powerful performance for a high level of cleanliness Unit type: Stationary dust extractors

Whether construction dust, wood splinters or dust particles: The industrial vacuum cleaner from ESTA Absaugtechnik is capable of sucking up both liquids and fine dust. And it does so without damaging filters, electronics and the like. The suction models from ESTA Absaugtechnik are extremely robust and stable and are particularly suitable for the automotive, food and pharmaceutical industries. Depending on the area or industry in which you are active, it is possible to work with various specific industrial vacuum cleaners. Please do not hesitate to contact our consultants.

For additional information on the features of the P-36 ATEX, please contact our expert service team.

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Additional information

Weight 375 kg
Max. airflow

4001 bis 5000 m³/h, 4001 to 5000 m³/h

Type Dust Extractors, Cleaning Devices

Stationäre Entstauber, Stationary Dust Extractors