ESCO NordicSafe – Microbiological safety cabinets class II

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Work under dust-free, sterile conditions

The NordicSafe NC2 is mainly used by our customers in the optics, laser, semiconductor and electronics technology.

In all these areas, a clean, particle- and germ-free environment plays an important role in protecting the products as well as the personnel. Basically all devices of biomedis are manufactured in such a way that they correspond to all guidelines of the European standard EN 12469:2000. In addition, they have been awarded a TÜV certificate. The box is also distinguished by a minimal CO2 emission value, a quiet noise level, an ergonomic design and excellent operability.

Additional special features of the laminar boxes and safety cabinets from biomedis:

  • Maximum safety
  • A robust housing
  • Ventilation test
  • The specified workplace limit values are complied with
  • No space problems thanks to the practical, modular design
  • Wide range of equipment options
  • Large cleanroom work surface
  • Space-saving
  • Integrated filters
  • Simple filter replacement
  • Safety glass panes
  • Various programming modes Safety class: Class II

Depth: 801 mm – 900 mm

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safety cabinet, Sicherheitswerkbank

Safety class

class II, Klasse II


801 mm – 900 mm


1401 mm – 1500 mm