ELGA CENTRA R200 – Variable Speed

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The R200 from VWS Germany: For routine distillation

Our water distillation instrument R200 from VWS Germany is required, among other things, for bacteriological and medical sample preparation, for the preparation of tissue and cell cultures and for the production of reagents and ointments. Our economical devices for water preparation are characterized by their maintenance-free and functional design.
The R200 is used, for example, in the following areas of application:

  • Medical practices
  • Industry
  • Laboratories
  • Hospitals
  • and car workshops

The water purification device is suitable for the precise and sustainable production of pure or fully demineralised water. During this process all inorganic substances are removed from the water and thus cations and anions are extracted.

Water treatment type: pure water system, ultrapure water system

Water source: from the water supply
Water treatment module: UV module, RO module

With the R200 you can produce the finest ultrapure water. Ultrapure water is generally used for the production of medicines and injection fluids, in chemical analysis and in medical research. The device draws the water from the connected water source in the laboratory or at the workplace. The device comes with a UV module for the treatment process. During this process, the pests contained in the water are killed by UV light.

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Additional information

Storage tank - tank


Water treatment model

pure water system, ultrapure water system


RO-module, UV-modules

Water source

from the water mains

Booster pump



30 l/min