EKOM-AIR Compressor DK50 F



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DK50 F: Practical, safe and energy-efficient

Are you looking for a new laboratory pump for your laboratory operation? The standard equipment of the DK50 F model from EKOM-AIR promises the following:

  • low sound level at high pressure
  • large tank volume
  • no compressor unit
  • easy operation
  • chemical resistance
  • Low maintenance
  • permanent runner
  • Maximum reliability
  • Environmental friendliness
  • High gas density
  • unobstructed conveying, evacuation and compression

More information about the DK50 F from EKOM-AIR

Pump type: Compressor

Compressors such as the DK50 F are characterised not only by their astonishing performance but also by advantages such as long service life and an integrated starting volume to facilitate starting. The space-saving design of the DK50 F allows flexible working.

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Max. flow rate

50 l/min