Düperthal safety cabinet BASIC M type 30, inside stainless steel

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The BASIC M Type 30: Versatile all-rounder for laboratory and medical use

The BASIC M Type 30 from DÜPERTHAL SICHERHEITSTECHNIK is one of the most popular models among our customers. You can use it for many different tasks. This is especially in the laboratory or medical practice the safe storage of various materials such as liquids, (gas) bottles, chemicals, solvents or acids. As a rule, safety cabinets consist of an inner body, fire protection insulation, valves for the supply and exhaust air with a fuse and safe seals on the doors. Depending on which cabinet you choose, your unit may also be equipped with shelves or pull-out drawers for optimal chemical storage or with drip pans.

Even more safety at your workplace

  • Cabinet type: Safety cabinet

Safety cabinets from DÜPERTHAL SICHERHEITSTECHNIK are particularly popular. They meet all safety standards and norms and thus ensure the necessary protection. Whether chemicals, flammable liquids or gas cylinders: the BASIC M Type 30 is suitable for almost every requirement. We will be happy to advise you in more detail!

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