Düperthal pull-out cabinet type 90 CLASSIC pro XL-V3

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The Type 90 CLASSIC pro XL-V3 from DÜPERTHAL SICHERHEITSTECHNIK: Protection for your laboratory

The Type 90 CLASSIC pro XL-V3 from DÜPERTHAL SICHERHEITSTECHNIK is one of our customers’ most popular models. The cabinet is a useful companion in everyday work. Your laboratory team can use it to handle a wide variety of laboratory tasks. This includes in particular the safe storage of all kinds of materials such as liquids, (gas) bottles, chemicals, solvents or acids. As a rule, safety cabinets consist of an inner body, fire protection insulation, valves for the supply and exhaust air with a fuse and safe seals on the doors. Depending on the type, the cabinet is also equipped with shelves or full extension drawers for ideal storage of chemicals or with drip pans.

How to create more safety at the workplace

  • Cabinet type: Safety cabinet
  • Interior equipment: Pull-out shelf, floor collection tray

Safety cabinets are particularly popular. They comply with all standards and directives and thus promise the necessary protection. Whether solvents, chemicals, gas bottles or flammable substances: we will advise you for which purposes the type 90 CLASSIC pro XL-V3 is best suited in your case!

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Additional information

Fire resistance

90 min


safety storage cabinet, Sicherheitsschrank

Doors, drawers

Flügeltüren, wing doors

Width (Safety storage cabinets)

1194 mm

Depth (Safety storage cabinets)

612 mm

Height (Safety storage cabinets)

2085 mm

Width inside (Safety storage cabinets)

979 mm

Depth inside (Safety storage cabinets)

469 mm

Height inside (Safety storage cabinets)

1700 mm


Auszugsboden, Bodenauffangwanne, bottom tray