Düperthal drum station COMPLEX ONE LL type 90, with exhaust air monitoring

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The COMPLEX ONE LL Type 90 from DÜPERTHAL SICHERHEITSTECHNIK: The customised, secure solution for your laboratory

The COMPLEX ONE LL Type 90 from DÜPERTHAL SICHERHEITSTECHNIK is a frequently requested safety cabinet. It can be used for numerous functions in the laboratory. These include, for example, the protected storage of various materials such as liquid materials and substances, (gas) bottles, medicines, solvents or acids. As a rule, the models from DÜPERTHAL SICHERHEITSTECHNIK consist of an inner body, fire protection insulation, valves for the supply and exhaust air with fuses and secure seals on the doors. Depending on the particular model, the selected cabinet is also equipped with shelves or full-extension drawers for suitable storage of the contents to be stored, or with drip trays.

Even more safety at your workplace

  • Cabinet type: Safety cabinet|Drum cabinet

Drums filled with chemicals or acids are subject to strict standards and guidelines for storage. To ensure an optimum level of safety, we recommend drum cabinets from DÜPERTHAL SICHERHEITSTECHNIK. The robust and chemical-resistant material properties ensure excellent storage conditions. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.

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