Düperthal collection tray made of PE, without grating / collection volume 220 l

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Our functional drip pans and containers are used in the most diverse work areas and convince both our new and existing customers with their high safety standards and reliability. A real all-rounder: The collection tray “Düperthal collection tray made of PE, without grating / collection volume 220 l” is comprehensively tested for various safety standards, so that all kinds of guidelines and legal regulations are complied with.
The popular collection trays and containers from DÜPERTHAL SICHERHEITSTECHNIK are generally used where substances (e.g. toxic or flammable substances) are handled which could have a harmful effect on the working environment or even the environment. The use of these containers is therefore prescribed by law. Our brand manufacturer DÜPERTHAL SICHERHEITSTECHNIK focuses, among other things, on the production of high-quality, hard-wearing collection trays to make your laboratory even safer…

Robust construction protects storage environment

The practical Düperthal collection tray made of PE is considered to be remarkably stable and resilient due to its strong, break-proof properties. This makes it very suitable for collecting (toxic) liquids that you may want to reuse and prevent from contaminating the floor.

Much more than just resilient:

The versatile collection trays from DÜPERTHAL SICHERHEITSTECHNIK enable reliable storage as well as orderly filling operations in laboratories, warehouses or buildings, for example. They are made of the most durable materials and coated to ensure that they are resistant to the relevant hazardous substances at all times.

Depending on the tub, there may be differences in the functions or components. Accordingly, for example, almost every tub comes with a built-in flame arrester…. Depending on which model you choose, it is suitable for water-polluting, flammable – or non-flammable liquids F+, F and WGK 1 – 3.

If you are unsure which requirements your tub must meet, do not hesitate to ask our consultants for advice at any time.You can also use the tub as a filling point. Canisters can be stored in the modular system in no time at all. Due to the low dead weight of the sump, you achieve completely new options in terms of flexibility and mobility at the appropriate storage location. Optionally, you can extend the sump with a removable grid.

Last but not least, this sump model has been comprehensively tested:

– General building authority approval Z-40.22-388 of the DIBt-Berlin
– Declaration of conformity (ÜHP) according to StawaR
– TÜV-tested
– Type: Collecting tray
– Collecting volume: 220 l

Sump trays made of polyethylene plastic (PE) are intended for the protected internal transport and storage of numerous substances hazardous to water. Due to their high chemical resistance, plastic sumps are rust and corrosion free, but not heat resistant. This makes them particularly suitable for the storage of corrosive and aggressive liquids, but not for flammable substances. The production of plastic sumps is very flexible due to modern manufacturing processes (e.g. 3D printing). For this reason, plastic drip trays are very popular with customers who require specific tray shapes for hazardous material storage.

Accessories and spare parts

We also offer you the possibility to change various equipment parts or to upgrade them with further add-ons. Depending on which tank system or manufacturer you choose, you can order these four different accessories for your collection tank at a reasonable price from us. These include, for example, different drums, pallets, gratings, drum trolleys, containers, insertion trays, can carriers, rollers, feet and many other components for the offered trays.

You can ask our experts for more detailed information about the useful product features at any time.

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Additional information

Max. number of drums

2 x 200 l

Grid / storage platform

ohne, without



Sump pallet, container

Auffangwanne, sump pallet

collection volume

220 l