CertoClav Autoclav Vacuum Pro Series

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In our catalogue you will find a variety of autoclaving instruments which are frequently used by our customers in research, development, industry and production.

With the model “Vacuum Pro” from CertoClav your required materials can be processed quickly. Time expenditure and energy remain low.

Compact, fast and energy efficient

For more than 20 years, the Vakuum Pro has been proving its worth, even in companies that provide training. The 4-fold safety system as well as the easy application ensure particularly carefree working. Because the large autoclave no longer needs to be started up, you can complete the work much faster and in an extremely energy-efficient manner.

Particularities of the article

  • Steam saturation: Non-condensable gases <3% (according to EN 13060)
  • Depending on model: no water connection necessary
  • Optional: Fixed water connection via R/O system
  • Manual time control
  • Vacuum pump Made in Germany
  • Pressure control by means of control valve
  • Sterilization materials: Solid instruments (also single wrapped), liquids (culture media), bottles and devices and many more
  • Large chamber volume
  • Can be filled from above
  • Process also long instruments up to 42 cm
  • Preinstalled programs
  • User definable settings
  • Existing air cooling system
  • bacteria filter
    • Depending on model: touch screen, Wifi, LAn,SD slot, USB, printer port and video assistant
  • Depending on the model: PC software available for recording
  • Short sterilization time (15 to 20 minutes incl. drying)
  • Easy closing through “CertoLock” function
  • CE-certificates

Functions and information around the article

Design: horizontal

Volume: 12 l, 18 l, 8 l, 22 l

Maximum temperature: 134°C

Maximum pressure: 2, 3 bar

Chamber diameter: 250 mm, 170 mm, 200 mm

width: 560 mm|610 mm

Depth: 440 mm, 500 mm

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Additional information

Dimensions N/A


Temperature max. (autoclave)


Diameter of vessel

170 mm, 200 mm, 250 mm

Height or depth of vessel

320 mm, 350 mm, 360 mm, 450 mm

Depth (autoclave)

440 mm, 500 mm

Height (autoclave)

360 mm, 430 mm

Vessel material

Edelstahl 304, Stainless steel 304

Width (autoclave)

560 mm, 610 mm

Pressure max. (autoclave)

2,3 bar, 2.3 bar

Volume (autoclave)

12 l, 12 l, 18 l, 22 l, 8 l

Power (autoclave)

2,4 kW, 2.4 kW