BioSan T-4: practical, mobile laboratory table

The BioSan T-4 laboratory bench is an essential piece of basic equipment in laboratories. With its castors, it offers you the flexibility you need when working. It is also user-friendly and easy to handle. It is designed for a maximum load of up to 50 kg.

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The design and equipment

The model belongs to a series of laboratory furniture that can be assembled modularly and build on each other. Thus, you can combine it with the furniture described in the previous section to fully equip your laboratory.

The table is user-friendly because it has four casters . This makes it easy to transport the necessary items at any time.

Not only is there enough space on the surface to arrange your required utensils, but also in the drawer. Here you can also store the necessary items that are quickly at hand when needed.

Visually, you get this model in a light shade, so it will effortlessly blend in with the surroundings and decor of your workplace. It is simple in appearance, yet modern and contemporary in design.

The technical details in detail

The dimensions of the model are specified as 800 mm × 600 mm × 770 mm in width, depth and height. Thus, it provides an additional surface for the items you need to work with, but it is still compact enough that you can find a place for it anywhere. Designed for a maximum load of 50 kg, this laboratory table is a perfect fit.

The weight is 23 kg, but this is only a minor issue, because since the table is equipped with four casters, you can easily and flexibly transport it from one room to another.

Since it is purely a piece of furniture for laboratories, the table naturally does not consume any energy, so the investment is even more worthwhile. A protection class is not specified.

Further models

There are other laboratory furniture from this modular system, which you can combine with the table. We now list these with the most important details for you.

  • T-4L table: This table is also flexibly equipped with castors, but is larger than the T-4.
  • LF-1 drawer unit: The tower offers ample storage space with its three small and two large drawers.

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