BioSan Laboratory benchtop centrifuge with cooling LMC-4200R


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Resistant centrifuges from Biosan

Absolute all-rounder: the LMC-4200R from Biosan. The LMC-4200R is very well suited for work in clinical laboratories, DNA research and blood banks.

The LMC-4200R can be used for a lot of runs at the maximum allowed speeds. The LMC-4200R is the ideal centrifuge for all kinds of separation procedures and can be used in a very individual way. Depending on the type, Biosan’s devices have a wide range of individual parts and additional features.

For example, most Biosan centrifuges come with features such as a monitoring facility, a timer function and an acoustic alarm as well as a lid lock as standard. The user-friendly display allows you to select the appropriate program according to your needs and requirements. Thanks to the reliable microprocessor control, nothing stands in the way of a thorough process. The integrated safety system ensures that errors are immediately displayed and you can call up the corresponding report. In addition, the LMC-4200R has an energy-saving ventilation system that protects it from overheating.

Enormous power and reliability

Centrifuge type: Small centrifuge
Dimensions (H x W x D): 335 x 635 x 580 mm
Display: LCD, 2 x 16 characters
Speed range: 100 – 2000 rpm, 100 – 4200 rpm
Temperature range: -10 °C to +25 °C
Frequency: 50 Hz
Weight: 56 kg

So-called small or micro centrifuges such as the LMC-4200R from Biosan are ideally suited for separating low-volume samples and substances. If you have any questions or uncertainties about the correct application, we are always at your disposal.

In general, a centrifuge applies the physical aspect of mass inertia and is often used for substance separation. Suspensions, gas mixtures but also emulsions can be processed with the instrument without any problems.

A swing-out rotor is very well suited for analytical as well as semi-preparative separation processes.

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Additional information

Weight 64.5 kg
Rotor type

Ausschwingrotor, MTP rotor, MTP-Rotor, Spezialrotor

Capacity of vessels

10 ml, 15 ml, 50 ml

Speed min.

100 rpm

Model of centrifuge

Kleinzentrifuge, small centrifuge

Speed max.

4200 rpm

Cooling, heating

cooling, Kühlung

Dimensions (H x W x D) (centrifuges)

335 x 635 x 580 mm

Deceleration max.

30 s

Display (Centrifuges)

LCD, 2 x 16 signs, LCD, 2 x 16 Zeichen

Speed range (centrifuges)

100 – 2000 rpm, 100 – 4200 rpm

Speed increments (Centrifuges)

100 rpm

Frequency (Centrifuges)

50 Hz

Weight approx. (centrifuges)

56 kg

Chamber diameter (centrifuges)

335 mm

Power consumption (centrifuges)

990 W

Safety (Centrifuges)

Rotor imbalance diagnostics: automatic stop, IMBALANCE warning, Rotor-Ungleichgewichtsanalyse (automatischer Stop, IMBALANCE Warnung)

Voltage (Centrifuges)

230 V

Temperatur setting range

-10 °C bis +25 °C, -10 °C to +25 °C

Temperature increments

1 °C, 1°C

Time setting range

1 – 90 Min

Time increments

60 s