BioSan Dry Block Thermostat Bio TDB-100


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BioSan Bio TDB-100: Highly efficient solution for your laboratory tasks

The thermostats from BioSan are used in many different ways in laboratories. The thermostats are highly valued by our customers, especially due to their high performance and long service life. They can be used in the histological, clinical, industrial and microbiological fields, among others.

Environmental laboratories also benefit from them. Likewise, the BioSan Bio TDB-100 is used for reactor temperature control, temperature simulation and material stress testing.

The most important features – performance and quality are right

Different models are made available, especially in the field of thermostatic instruments. The functions that can be used are correspondingly diverse.

For example, a durable design and easy handling can be mentioned as basic features for the instruments from BioSan. The instruments are equipped with a digital display that allows different program options. The noise level is low and there are few starting points that require intensive maintenance.

Short heating and cooling times are a matter of course. All standards and guidelines for thermostatic instruments are met.

Functionality and modernity harmonize

The instrument has a temperature setting range from +25 °C to +100°. The temperature control range is 5 °C above the ambient temperature. Setting accuracy of 0.1 °C is possible. The block capacity is 24 x 2/1.5 ml + 15 x 0.5 ml + 10 x 0.2 ml microtubes. In terms of block diameter, the device is 130 mm. The depth is 45 mm.

It is possible to make a digital time setting. A single sample can be taken care of from one minute to 96 hours using the digital time setting. There is a timer sound signal and the display is possible via LCD with 2 x 16 characters. The device also presents itself convincingly in terms of power consumption. 200 watts are consumed at a voltage of 230 volts.

These key data show quite impressively how individually applicable the device is. Nothing stands in the way of a modern mode of operation.

Special features of the model

Now, a modern design may not necessarily be decisive when it comes to a technical device from the laboratory sector. But if the modern design is combined with a lot of functionality, as is the case with this manufacturer, the best conditions for a smooth workflow are created.

The USB interface allows additional devices to be docked and the software can be updated and expanded independently.

Technical data at a glance

In summary, we would like to present you once again with an overview of the most important technical data. If you have any questions about the product, we would be happy to hear from you. Our contact form is available for this purpose at any time.

The most important technical data include the wide temperature setting range with a setting accuracy of 0.1 °C. So is the block capacity, which holds a total of 49 microtubes. The digital time setting and LCD display make many operations much easier.

With overall dimensions of 210 mm x 230 mm x 115 mm, the instrument presents itself as compact and yet large enough to perform many measurements simultaneously. With a weight of 2.8 kg, it is very light and can be placed anywhere.

Other models and options – the variety is convincing

There are some related articles, which are comparable with the BioSan dry block thermostat Bio TDB-100 or which can be based on it or combined with it. Biosan offers the TDB-120 as well as the TS-100, which is used as a thermal shaker for microtubes and PCR plates. Another heating-cooling-drying block is the CH-100. Also an offer from BioSan.

Let us advise you free of charge

Our team of trained professionals aims to ensure that you receive the thermostats that are right for your needs. Do you have any questions about our different designs, their advantages or the respective brand manufacturers?

We look forward to your inquiry and will be happy to help you! You can reach us by phone at +49 30 2096579 00 or by e-mail at [email protected]

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