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BioSan CH-100: Heating and cooling drying block for laboratories.

The BioSan CH-100 heating and cooling drying block is suitable for particularly effective preparation of your samples when it comes to DNA analysis, hybridization reaction and enzyme reaction. The device is used by our customers in laboratories with different application focuses.

If you have any questions about the device, you can contact our team for advice.

The features and functions of the device

This device is a combination of two instruments of the manufacturer, which are very popular. They are the cooling dry block thermostat and the heating dry block. The combination of a Peltier electric module and an aluminum block is cooled with forced ventilation of a radiator. Therefore, rapid changes between cooling and heating are possible.

The instrument can be used to effectively prepare your samples in DNA analysis, hybridization reaction or enzyme reaction. The temperature and time can be controlled by a microprocessor. Moreover, this displays the actual as well as the set times and temperatures.

Block capacity has been added to the instrument. The first block holds space for 20 microtubes of 0.5 mm and 12 microtubes of 1.5 mm. The second block holds space for 20 microtubes of 1.5 mm each, and the third block holds space for 20 microtubes of 2 mm each.

Design & Equipment

You will receive the heating and cooling dry block as a tabletop unit. The display of the data is digital. The other features are the possibility to heat and cool microtubes or Eppendorf tubes. The temperature range varies between -10 °C and +100 °C.

It is a device with a modern design in the colors white and blue. The display and the control panel are located on the front.

The desired temperatures can be easily set via the push buttons and tracked on the display. The control range is 30 °C below the existing room temperature. The setting accuracy is 0.1 °C, while the stability is +/- 0.1 °C. In addition, the uniformity of the temperature is at 37 °C, at +/- 0.25 °C.

The temperature calibration coefficient is subject to a range from 0.936 to 1.063 , respectively, at +/- 0.063. The time setting is done digitally, from one minute to 96 hours maximum, without interruption.

For a single sample, simply set the instrument to one minute. In addition, you can be notified by a timer sound signal . The display is shown on an LCD display with a total of 32 characters.

Technical data at a glance

To round off the information about the device, we would like to share with you the additional technical details. You will receive these in a clearly arranged short form.

The dimensions of the heating and cooling dry block for laboratories are given as 240 mm x 260 mm x 165 mm in width, depth and height. This makes it a compact and flexible device. Its weight is low at 3.2 kg, making the heating and cooling dry block easy to transport.

The power consumption is very low with a power consumption of 55 watts. Therefore, the device can be used sparingly.

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Additional information

Weight 4.4 kg


Thermostat Temperature max.


Lowest temperature (cooling function)



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