bimos Labster laboratory swivel chair standing aid with swivel base



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Enable the basis for a health-promoting work in your company! Discover our range and find the ideal chair for your employees.

We are pleased that you have decided in favour of the “bimos Labster laboratory swivel chair with pendulum base (double see S-1130)”.

Best comfort and high quality workmanship

The anatomically designed seat surface of the promotes the advantageous sitting position by itself. Even when the seat is slightly tilted, it provides support for the buttocks, promotes precise motor skills and ensures constant contact with the backrest. The pronounced support at the pelvis regulates the straightening of the pelvis and keeps your spine in its natural S-shape. This prevents fatigue and maintains concentration and performance.

Do your employees often have to stand for long periods at work? Then you need support, because daily standing or incorrect posture can become an extraordinary strain on the body. The comfortable standing aids and work chairs support the body and relieve the spine. The seats are made of a robust steel construction. Depending on the area of application, a variety of materials for the upholstery as well as a colourful range of colours are available.

Dimensions & Design

  • Chair type: standing aid
  • Seat depth: 300 mm

Useful extras and functions

Modern, lightweight design
– Maximum mobility
– Compact construction
– Easy to clean, resistant to disinfectants
– Certificates from independent test institutes
– Durable materials

  • Sustainability & cost savings through replaceable pads
  • Low-joint, form-fitting design
  • Can be used in most areas
  • Whether wood, imitation leather or integral foam: choose your preferred upholstery material
  • Material: breathable, comfortable, soft and at the same time cut and slip resistant
  • Easy to adjust
  • With castors: load-dependent with braked castors for hard floors or available with abrasion-resistant floor glides
  • Optional: height-adjustable and foldable climbing aid
  • Has various necessary features
  • Integrated pelvic support & ergonomically shaped seat surface
  • Innovative flex function for typical laboratory work
  • Has antibacterial, antimycotic and antimicrobial properties
  • Optional: Electrostatic dissipative
  • Fast delivery time

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Additional information

Weight 10 kg
Chair type

standing support, Stehhilfe


integral foam, Integralschaum

Chair feet

Round base, Tellerfuß

Seat height max.

850 mm

Seat height min.

650 mm

Seat depth

300 mm