You want to promote the health of your employees at work? In our portfolio you will find a rich selection of qualitative laboratory chairs and stools for the laboratory and practice environment.

Your choice has fallen on the “bimos industrial standing aid”? We would be happy to provide you with further information on this item below.

Healthy posture with your bimos

The anatomically designed seat of the promotes your healthy posture by itself. Even when the seat is slightly bent, it provides support for the buttocks, promotes precise motor skills and guarantees constant contact with the backrest. The effective pelvic support causes the pelvis to straighten optimally and keeps your spine in its natural S-shape. This prevents limpness and ensures that concentration and performance are maintained.

Depending on your work area, many of the laboratory and office chairs from our manufacturer bimos can be produced with upholstery made of fabric, imitation leather or particularly hard-wearing integral foam. You attach the upholstery by simply hooking it into place. A modern and uncomplicated design, which allows you to adapt your chair to the individual situation.

Dimensions & Design

  • Chair type: standing aid
  • Colours: With many of our chairs, you can choose from a bright color palette to add your own touch to the upholstery or make it match your decor. This chair is available in black.

Additional extras and settings

Plus economy through individual replacement of the upholstery
– Low gaps and form-fitting
– Disinfectant resistant
– Suitable for a wide range of work areas
– Whether fabric, imitation leather or integral foam: choose your preferred texture
– Material: breathable, comfortable, soft and at the same time extremely resistant, cut-resistant, non-slip and easy to clean
– User-friendly installation
– Robust workmanship
– For castors: load-dependent with braked castors for hard floors or with abrasion-resistant floor glides available
– Optional: height-adjustable and foldable access aid
– Has all the necessary features
– Integrated pelvic support & ergonomically shaped seat surface
– Low weight
– Innovative flex function for typical laboratory work
– Has antibacterial, antifungal and antimicrobial properties
– Air purity class 3 according to EN ISO 14644-1
– Optional: Electrostatic dissipative
– Fast delivery time

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Additional information

Weight 12 kg


Chair type

standing support, Stehhilfe


integral foam, Integralschaum

Chair feet

Round base, Tellerfuß

Seat height max.

850 mm

Seat height min.

650 mm