asecos sump tray 3 x KTC, galvanised steel, with filling rack


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Our useful drip pans are used in a wide range of industries, are very reliable and safe. No matter what the area of application: The collection tray “asecos collection tray 3 x KTC, galvanised steel, with filling trestle” is safe and sufficiently tested so that it meets all legal guidelines and regulations.
Collecting trays are generally required in most places where work is carried out with substances that can harm the working environment or the environment. The use of these containers is therefore prescribed by law. For many years, the manufacturer asecos has been producing resistant and particularly safe drip pans for various areas of application.

Working environment permanently protected thanks to incomparable quality

The extremely durable asecos 3 x KTC collection tray is considered to be extremely stable and resistant thanks to its strong, unbreakable properties. It is thus ideally suited, for example, to collect harmful liquids that may be reused and also to prevent soiling of the floors.

An instrument that convinces!

The collection trays from asecos are true all-rounders when it comes to safety and flexibility. The sump is not only particularly suitable for the storage of water-polluting liquids. No, it is also approved for all other hazard classes. A row arrangement of drums of different sizes is no problem here. And thanks to its extraordinary resistance, you protect your entire work area or the surrounding area around the storage site. The KTC prevents the leakage of hazardous oils, acids or alkalis.

Do you need flexibility at the workplace or are you dependent on in-house transport of the trays, e.g. due to a lack of space? Then we can also offer you a mobile version of the asecos collection trays on request. With the aid of the additional sliding belt or a version on castors, you can move the tray back and forth in no time at all.
A filling area included in the tray also ensures that you can fill your stored goods without spillage. An optional galvanised or PE grid is also recommended, depending on your requirements. Just give us a call!
– Type: Drip tray
– Material of the sump: Galvanised steel
– Width: 3280 mm
– Depth: 1300 mm
– Load capacity: 2000 kg/m2

Galvanised steel sump models, unlike steel as a non-flammable material, can withstand flammable substances without any problems. In addition, the robust, impact-resistant material is ideal for internal transport. Galvanised steel trays can also be supplemented with plastic insert trays as required, so that they can be adapted to individual requirements.

Choose from various spare parts and accessories

We also offer you the option of adapting various additional parts or upgrading them with further accessories. Depending on which system or model or which manufacturer you choose, you can order these four different accessories for your sump at a reasonable price from us. These include, for example, different drums, pallets, gratings, drum trolleys, containers, insertion trays, can carriers, rollers, feet and many other components for the offered trays.

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Additional information

Weight 413 kg
Sump pallet


Grid / storage platform


Sump pallet, container

sump pallet

Max. number of drums

3 x 1000 l (IBC)

Load capacity

2000 kg/m2

Width (sump pallet, container)

3280 mm

Height (sump pallet, container)

820 mm

Depth (sump pallet, container)

1300 mm


steel, galvanized