asecos sump tray 1 x IBC with filling area, forklift pockets, galvanised footprint


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The functional collection trays and containers from our brand manufacturer asecos are used in a wide range of applications and impress with their high safety standards. These reliable aids will never let you down. Your hazardous goods safely stored!: The sump tray “asecos sump tray 1 x IBC with filling area, forklift pockets, galvanised footprint” is safe and tested so that all kinds of guidelines and legal regulations are complied with.
You will find asecos sump trays mostly where toxic or flammable substances are worked with, which can have a harmful effect on the working environment or even the environment. Working with these trays or catch basins is therefore prescribed by law. The manufacturer asecos has made it its business to produce particularly hard-wearing, safe and, above all, durable collection trays.

Characteristics of the asecos collection tray 1 x IBC with filling area

The functional asecos sump tray 1 x IBC with filling area is considered to be extremely stable and resilient thanks to its strong, unbreakable workmanship. Accordingly, you spare the floor at the storage location from various kinds of substances, such as toxic liquids.

An article that convinces!

If you decide on the tray from our branded bestseller asecos, nothing can go wrong when storing substances that are harmful to water. This also applies to many other hazard classes.

Numerous sumps from asecos are excellently suited for the row installation of drums in completely different sizes. Their high resistance ensures that the outer area and the floor around the tank are also protected against substances such as oils, acids or alkalis.

If you are interested in a flexible version of the asecos tub, you should get in touch with our expert team. Because there are options here too:

With a sliding belt and complete corrosion protection, you can also use the mobile tub version inside your storage rooms – and are thus always flexible. Depending on what you choose, it also comes with an integrated filling area. This allows you to fill the substances to be stored smoothly. Optionally, you can upgrade the tray with a galvanized or PE grating.
– Type: Drip tray
– Width: 1280 mm
– Depth: 1910 mm
– Load capacity: 2000 kg/storage space
– Collecting volume: 1150 l

Have you decided on a PE sump model? Then you will definitely receive a model that is particularly suitable for safe internal transport and provides ideal conditions for the storage of water-polluting substances. A PE sump is resistant to numerous chemicals and is both rust and corrosion free. Unfortunately, most PE sumps are not heat resistant, making them less suitable for flammable materials.

Choose from various spare parts and accessories

You also have the option of customizing individual parts or upgrading with appropriate accessories. Depending on which system or model or which manufacturer you choose, you can order these four different accessories for your collection tray at a reasonable price from us. These include, for example, different drums, pallets, gratings, drum trolleys, containers, insertion trays, can carriers, rollers, feet and many other components for the offered trays.

Would you like to find out more about our instruments especially about the asecos drip tray 1 x IBC with filling area, forklift pockets, galvanised footprint?

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Additional information

Grid / storage platform





forklift pockets

Max. number of drums

1 x 1000 l (IBC)

Sump pallet, container

sump pallet

Width (sump pallet, container)

1280 mm

Height (sump pallet, container)

860 mm

Depth (sump pallet, container)

1910 mm

Load capacity

2000 kg/storage area

collection volume

1150 l