asecos chemical cabinet CS-PHOENIX, 105 cm, height 110 cm



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The CS-PHOENIX from asecos: Protection for your laboratory

The CS-PHOENIX from asecos is one of the most popular models among our customers. Use the cabinet for a wide variety of laboratory tasks. This includes in particular the safe storage of various materials such as liquids, (gas) bottles, chemicals, solvents or acids. Depending on the model, it is also equipped with shelves or pull-outs for suitable storage of the contents or with drip trays.

How to create more safety at the workplace

  • Cabinet type: Chemical cabinet
  • Interior equipment: Storage shelf / shelf, floor collection tray, perforated sheet insert

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Additional information


cabinet for chemicals, Chemikalienschrank

Doors, drawers

Falttüren, folding doors


Bodenauffangwanne, Lagerboden / Fachboden, Lochblecheinsatz, perforated sheet insert

Width (Safety storage cabinets)

1055 mm

Depth (Safety storage cabinets)

520 mm

Height (Safety storage cabinets)

1105 mm

Height inside (Safety storage cabinets)

990 mm

Depth inside (Safety storage cabinets)

493 mm

Width inside (Safety storage cabinets)

996 mm