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Discover the advantages of leasing and installment plan

For our customers in German-speaking countries, we offer the option of leasing or installment plan in addition to the usual payment options. This payment method can be selected during the ordering process. For this reason, simply write an email to and our service team will contact you immediately to discuss payment terms, terms of running and other relevant points.

But when is an installment plan worthwhile? Or is leasing more of an option for you? We will inform you about the advantages to the payment models. If you have any questions, we are at your disposal around the clock.

For whom is leasing suitable?

Leasing is suitable for anyone who wants a low-cost alternative to purchasing and a straightforward contract. The Classic lease is a full amortization contract. This means that all costs (acquisition costs, ancillary costs and financing costs) of the object are fully amortized by your payment of the installments for the lessor.

Advantages: In addition to favorable rates and targeted planning of new acquisitions, the leasing option offers you further advantages. The contract can be set up for a variety of objects. And on top of that, you have the option to purchase the leased products or to always be technically up-to-date through the exchange option.

At the end of the basic rental period, you can choose from the following options:

  1. Return of the equipmentwithout additional costs and new investment.
  2. Possibility of acquisition at residual book value, i.e. the value still on the balance sheet after depreciation of the equipment. If the residual carrying amount is zero, a takeover is
    possible at the lower common market value.
  3. Use of the equipment beyond the basic lease termand ongoing payment of the lease installments.

When is an installment plan suitable?

Installment plan is economically equivalent to installment purchase. It is suitable, for example, if you wish to acquire ownership of the financed property or want an alternative to installment payments. With the first installment here, you pay the full sales tax for the entire term and then only the net installments. With the payment of your last installment you become the owner.

Advantages:Installment plan is particularly suitable as an alternative to a bank loan. Upon payment of the last installment, you become the owner of the equipment. In addition, you as a customer can the VAT to be paid on the advance return for sales tax for the current period claim.

GRENKE - Our Partner for Leasing and Hire Purchase

When it comes to a rental or lease purchase, we work hand in hand with our long-standing partner GRENKE. The company has been an internationally active financing specialist since 1978 and offers concepts with maximum flexibility and planning security.

Attention: The payment options leasing or installment plan are not selectable during the order process. Please contact us for a rental or leasing option before you place your order.