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Areas of application of a UV air purifier

UV air purifiers are extremely versatile in terms of their possible uses. They have become indispensable in many areas. Air sterilisers with UV technology are used particularly frequently in these areas:


Air sterilisers with UV technology are indispensable in doctors’ surgeries, bros, care homes for the elderly and hospitals , but also in clinics and wherever you come into contact with other people. Especially in these areas, patients and other persons to be treated emit aerosols that can be contaminated with viruses, germs and other pathogens.

Food production

Quality standards in the food industry are extremely high. Therefore, specific requirements have to be met in food production and processing plants today in order to prevent food from being contaminated by germ- or virus-contaminated ambient air.


Due to current legal regulations, cleanroom conditions must prevail in laboratories in various areas. This not only serves to protect the employees, but also the samples and other materials, as these must be protected from contamination in the best possible way .

Facilities (elevators)

In public buildings such as brokerage complexes, offices and banks, people congregate in meeting rooms, green room offices and lounges. To prevent the emergence and spread of diseases, air sterilisers with UV technology have been standard equipment not only since the outbreak of the Corona pandemic.

Tourism (gondolas, cable cars)

During long hikes or skiing, people often stand or sit close together in cable cars, gondolas and lifts. Only powerful air sterilisers can eliminate bacteria, germs and viruses from the ambient air.


Eating, drinking and laughing in merry company makes it fun to explore the gastronomic offerings. To protect the guests, air sterilisers with UV technology are a must not only in the large dance hall but also in the small corner pub.

How air sterilisers work

Whether in laboratories or hospitals, UV light air purifiers are part of everyday life. Although they cannot completely replace conventional disinfection methods, they eliminate bacteria, viruses, germs and the like without the use of chemicals. The way modern air purifiers work with UV is as simple as it is efficient:

Modern UV air purifiers work with the help of an included ventilation, so that the air with the microorganisms in it is sucked in and led past the UV lamps. The DNA of the micro-organisms contained in the air is immediately absorbed by the short-wave UVC radiation. Their cell division is thus interrupted so that the pathogenic organisms die.

Note from the MedSolut specialists:

Another form of eliminating germs, bacteria, etc. is that in which direct UV irradiation takes place. The former, however, has the advantage that people can remain in the room for the duration of the air disinfection.

Advantages of air purification with UV air purifiers

Purifying the ambient air with the high-quality UV air sterilisers from the MedSolut range offers quality-conscious users many advantages. Please contact us if you would like to find out more about these functional devices.

Impressive advantages of the UV air purifiers from the MedSolut Shop

  • The high-quality air purifiers with UV technology make a lasting contribution to reducing the germ content in the ambient air. In this way, 99.9 percent of all bacteria, viruses, fungi and microorganisms are deactivated and eliminated.
  • Instead of using equipment that purifies the air with sometimes aggressive chemical substances, the modern air purifiers that you can find at MedSolut work entirely without chemicals. An additional plus for your health and that of your employees.
  • In times of corona, it is essential to continuously monitor indoor air quality to best protect your employees, customers and business partners from possible infections with dangerous diseases. UV air disinfection units therefore make a valuable contribution to greater well-being and better health in your laboratory or company.
  • With our innovative UV air sterilisers, air is sterilised automatically and continuously. You can breathe in clean, germ-free air as soon as you enter your workplace.
  • A static and optionally movable installation is guaranteed with the branded devices from our store. You will also be impressed by the simple assembly and uncomplicated handling. The low maintenance effort is another aspect that speaks for itself. This saves you valuable working time and allows you to focus on the essentials in your business.

UV air purifiers: renowned manufacturers at MedSolut

At MedSolut you will find only the best manufacturers in the range. These high-quality air purifiers with UV effect fully comply with their philosophy. If you are looking for high-performance air purifiers with UV technology, you are well advised to visit us.


The renowned Dinies Technologies GmbH has its headquarters in Villingendorf and is one of the leading suppliers of functional devices for effective and environmentally friendly UV disinfection in the air and on surfaces. Customers in Germany and numerous other countries benefit from high-performance devices that can even be used for the automatic UV disinfection of transport boxes. The direct disinfection of foodstuffs and seeds is also part of this company’s broad portfolio.


BioSan, headquartered in Latvia, was founded almost 30 years ago. The product range is extremely comprehensive and includes, among other things, bactericidal UV airflow purifiers-recirculators. The secret is the constant, active air circulation through the recirculation chamber in the direct vicinity of powerful UV lamps. Find out more about the customer-oriented segment with a view to BioSan UV air purifiers at

uv technology meyer

UV-Technik Meyer GmbH is directly connected to UV-Technik Speziallampen GmbH in Ilmenau. From there, the highly functional special lamps, laboratory equipment and air purifiers are sent all over the world. The Fan, Reflex and Flow UV air purifiers in particular have always been very popular with discerning laboratory and corporate customers:


For disinfection in workrooms, treatment rooms and doctors’ surgeries, the UV Fan air purifier from UV-Technik Meyer is perfect. Bad odours as well as viruses, fungi and germs are now a thing of the past. The integrated TIOX filter converts organic odours directly into oxygen. The risk of infection is also drastically reduced. You can easily use the powder-coated UV fan for 24-hour operation.


Discover the innovative air purifier UV-Reflex from UV-Technik Meyer. This device is ideal for air disinfection in cold and deep-freeze rooms. The germ load on surfaces and in the ambient air can be reduced by up to 99.9 percent. The installation and assembly are as simple as the technology is efficient. We will be happy to help you choose the right UV air steriliser.


The UV-Flow air purifier is used for efficient air disinfection in hygiene locks, storage rooms, etc.. This effectively reduces the risk of viruses spreading to areas where there is no ventilation. The germ load on site can be reduced by up to 99.9 percent.

UV air purifiers for your requirements at MedSolut

Order your UV air purifier directly from the MedSolut online catalogue. Contact our friendly team of experts at any time for detailed and individual advice. We look forward to hearing from you by phone or simply send us an email at [email protected] How may we be of service to you?