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Where is ultrasound measurement used?

The applications of the high-quality ultrasonic measuring devices you can order at are extremely diverse. In our portfolio , you will find the ultrasonic measuring devices that are helpful for the work in your industry. Can’t find the right instrument for you? Then don’t hesitate to contact our expert team. In a personal consultation, we are sure to find a suitable solution for your needs.

Ultrasonic measuring devices can be useful in the following areas of application:

Ultrasonic measuring device for volume flow

Order your ultrasonic flow meter easily and conveniently at and benefit from the highest precision and cost-effectiveness. With a view todifferent applications in water treatment as well as in irrigation systems, you are excellently equipped with such a tool. Read off the upcoming volume flow in litres, cubic feet per minute or, depending on the model, also in US gallons.

The practical turbine flow meters are available on in different sizes. Whether with internal or external threads, with ANSI or DIN flanges, our range is extremely comprehensive.

Ultrasonic thickness gauges

Measuring the thickness of metal, glass, plastic, aluminium etc. is child’s play with a precision ultrasonic gauge. Each of the gauges in this product category impresses with its powerful sensors, which provide you with accurate results in your work. Do you have questions about the functionality or possible applications of an ultrasonic thickness gauge? Please contact our friendly competence team at any time.

Ultrasonic thickness gauges for leak detection

Ultrasonic gauges are essential for leak detection in the construction and mechanical engineering industries, as well as in the aerospace industry. They detect even the finest hairline cracks or other possible damage to materials. In addition, such a measuring device can be used to determine the extent of the leakage as well as the general condition of the respective building materials.

How does an ultrasonic flowmeter work?

You can easily find your new ultrasonic flow meter in the MedSolut portfolio. The underlying measurement principle of each device is also known as the ultrasonic transit time difference method. The ultrasonic flowmeter for water is equipped with highly sensitive sensors that act both as transmitters and receivers. Ultrasonic pulses are sent through the respective medium, alternating with and against the direction of flow of the liquid.

The transit time of the sound signals is of great importance: If these signals pass through the medium with the direction of flow, the transit time is shorter than if they move against the direction of flow. This difference in transit time is analysed on the path traversed by the ultrasound and thus makes it possible to determine the average flow velocity of the tested liquid.

From this in turn, the pipe cross-section and the volume flow can be calculated. If you have any technical questions, please contact the MedSolut specialists at any time. We are always at your side.

Ultrasonic flow meter Applications

Take a look at our online portfolio to get an idea of the large variety of products with regard to ultrasonic flowmeters. If you need an ultrasonic flow meter, we will be happy to advise you. Discover the different applications or fields of work in which flowmeters are used.

In the chemical industry

Ultrasonic flowmeters are indispensable for measuring the flow of toxic, highly viscous, non-conductive and aggressive media.

Power stations and offshore industry

For the flow measurement of tar, bitumen and other intermediate and end products, you will also find numerous suitable ultrasonic measuring devices in our online catalogue. Even when measuring liquid hydrocarbons or cooling and boiler feed water in power plants, you cannot do without such a device.

In the pharmaceutical industry

Ultrasonic meters are essential for flow measurement of semiconductors or ultra-pure liquids. Here, the high-precision operation of the devices plays a particularly important role.

Water and waste water

Flowmeters with ultrasonic technology are indispensable tools for checking the quality of buried pipes and pipelines and ensuring good water quality, for example.

In the aerospace industry

In the aerospace industry, professional ultrasonic flowmeters are used to check supply and cooling systems as well as hydraulic equipment and machinery.

Ultrasonic flowmeter types

We have different types of ultrasonic flowmeters in our range, and you will always benefit from outstanding product quality.

Ultrasonic flowmeter: clamp-on

Clamp-on ultrasonic flowmeters are often used in industrial flow measurement. Compared to other flowmeters, these are significantly cheaper, especially for larger nominal diameters . This is because they are fitted with correspondingly large copper coils. If you do not want to open pipes or lines for the implementation of the measuring device, but only want to carry out temporary measurements, then clamp-on measuring devices are optimal.

Ultrasonic flowmeter: Inline measurement

Inline ultrasonic flowmeters shine due to their extraordinarily precise performance features. They are able to measure the flow rate and the respective volume flow of liquids quickly, without delay, bidirectionally and reliably .

Even the measurement of pulsating flows is possible. Depending on the model, switching outputs are available on the sensors, which even enable the connection of external devices and equipment, such as valves and pumps.

The sensors of these flowmeters are implemented in machines or systems and therefore come into direct contact with the medium. For this reason, the product-touching segments are made of special PEEK material. This allows you to use the device for classic autoclave applications as well as for cleaning and sterilisation processes.

Ultrasonic flowmeter: What price can I expect?

The price of an ultrasonic flowmeter depends on several factors. For example, the desired performance volume, the intended area of use, etc. While mobile ultrasonic flowmeters are available from around 150 euros , models with complex technology cost around 4,000 or 5,000 euros .

We will be happy to advise you on the selection of a suitable device and support you in finding a suitable and attractively priced ultrasonic flowmeter.

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