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Applications of an ultrasonic homogeniser

An ultrasonic homogeniser can be used in many areas, so that you benefit in many ways in your everyday business as well as when carrying out specific projects in your laboratory. Would you like to learn more about the powerful ultrasonic homogenisers in the MedSolut online shop? We look forward to hearing from you!


Ultrasonic homogenisers are indispensable for breaking down cell walls and reaching the cell contents without affecting them. Thanks to special cooling devices, thermal damage is efficiently prevented. For direct sonication of resistant bacteria, tissue samples or spores.


If secretions or tissue samples are to be broken down or emulsified, this is best achieved with a highly functional ultrasonic homogeniser. Such a device can also be used to suspend substances gently and efficiently.


The use of a functional ultrasonic homogeniser is of fundamental importance for the preparation of samples during the homogenisation of a wide variety of materials. This is also the case, for example, when paternity tests have to be carried out or analysed.


To accelerate chemical reactions in tests, you need a powerful ultrasonic homogeniser from the MedSolut portfolio. The branded instruments in our range are also becoming increasingly important in cancer research for the preparation of liposomes.


Ultrasonic homogenisers have been used for many years for the production of paints or varnishes using ultrasound. Also for the homogenisation of raw materials for further processing, many industrial sectors cannot do without devices of this kind.


Ultrasonic homogenisers are used in the field of waste water homogenisation (preparation of waste water samples) as well as for the digestion of soil or water samples . They are also used for:

  • Disagglomeration of water sediment samples in preparation for grain boundary analysis
  • Sample preparation of waste water containing particles
  • Extraction of exchangeable magnesium from soil samples
  • v.m.

Construction of an ultrasonic homogeniser

Thanks to its special design, an ultrasonic homogeniser from the MedSolut online catalogue is extremely powerful and functional. If you want to buy an innovative device, is the best place to go.

An ultrasound homogeniser is made up of three basic components , namely..:

  • the generator,
  • the ultrasonic transducer
  • and the sonotrode or working tip.

Ultrasound generator

The ultrasonic generator transforms the mains AC voltage into a high-frequency voltage (HF). If the HF is applied to a so-called piezoelectric ultrasonic transducer, this affects the intensity of the sound. This is called the indirect piezoelectric effect. In this way,electrical vibrations can beconverted into mechanical vibrations of the same frequency.

Ultrasonic transducer

It is the ultrasonic transducer that transfers electrical vibrations into mechanical ones. These have the same frequencies, which must be exactly matched to the previously applied frequency with regard to the design and the devices. However, this effect has no influence on materials such as tourmaline or quartz. We will be happy to advise you in detail.

Step and Booster Drivers

The step and booster transmitters implemented in an ultrasonic homogeniser serve to amplify the vibrations emitted by the ultrasonic transducer. You can preset the respective degree of amplitude amplification of your device according to your needs.


The mechanical vibrations generated are transmitted to the material to be processed by the ultrasonic transducer via the sonotrodes and, depending on the model, via the step and booster rotors. No matter whether you need sonotrodes with conical tips, filigree micro tips or small, flat sonotrodes with a plate-like surface, we will be happy to show you the optimum solution. Each sonotrode has to be selected according to the amount of substance to be sonicated.

How does an ultrasonic homogeniser work?

Ultrasonic homogenisers speed up many tasks considerably and help to improve the results. Highest precision and reliability are indispensable, for example, in the performance of paternity tests. We would be happy to show you how an ultrasonic homogeniser works in a wide variety of areas:

Paint and varnish production

Reliable ultrasonic homogenisers are important equipment in the production of paints and varnishes. They enable the homogenisation, dispersion and emulsification of liquid paint and varnish formulations in a precise manner. These devices are also ideal for grinding and comminuting primary particles, nanomaterials and pigments .

The homogenisation process is used to minimise the particle size of droplets and solids. The dosage of the ultrasonic intensity can be adjusted to the individual particle size.

Accelerating reactions

When conducting experiments as well as chemical tests and investigations in the fields of chemistry and biology, it is often desirable to accelerate reactions. Catalysis can also be achieved with ultrasonic homogenisers.

The conversion of low-frequency mains voltage of 50 or 60 Hz into high-frequency voltage of 20 kHz is realised by using the ultrasonic transducer as well as step and booster transmitters. Depending on the size and performance portfolio of the ultrasonic homogeniser, the reactions of the substances and samples can be accelerated many times over and thus made even more precise.

Grain boundary determination in mineral analysis

The ultrasonic homogenisers from the MedSolut Online range play a central role in the determination of grain boundaries in the field of mineral analysis. Depending on the intensity of the ultrasound, the disintegration of cells, fungi, tissues, viruses or spores is precisely possible. And without destroying the inside of the cell. This is made possible by the uniform temperature control and the need-based alignment of the working tip.

Waste water homogenisation

Thanks to the excellent technologies and the demand-oriented regulation possibilities of the ultrasonic intensity, the dissolving of heavy and ultra-heavy substances in liquids is easily possible. This is why ultrasonic homogenisers from our online catalogue are playing an increasingly important role in environmental and industrial applications.

Drill core analysis for soil samples

In the case of drill core decomposition for soil samples, the focus is first of all on the removal of the most persistent contamination from surfaces. Where ultrasound enters liquids, this is known as cavitation.

Ultrasonic homogenisers can generate a cavitation field,especially in angled components, in pipes, valves and nozzles that are difficult to access. In this way, cavitation is generated in the entire volume of liquid, which is what makes it possible to work with drill core decomposition for soil samples in the first place.

Advantages of ultrasonic homogenisers

The ultrasonic homogenisers, which you will find in the MedSolut range, are characterised by their very easy handling. In addition, they offer several other advantages, especially when compared to traditional homogenisation methods.

Easy operation

As functional and precise as the ultrasonic homogenisers of selected brand suppliers are, they are also easy to handle. We would be pleased to show you the efficiency and user-oriented conception.

Maintenance and care

The components and accessories are extremely stable, robust and durable. They are easy to clean and also require very little maintenance. This is another reason why it is so important to rely on the unique quality of the brand manufacturers at MedSolut.

Precise control

Due to the excellently thought-out technologies and the excellently coordinated features, precise and targeted control is possible with all devices. We would also be pleased to show you the ultrasonic homogenisers, which are particularly suitable for inexperienced users. Ask us about the current highlights in the MedSolut range.

Light and compact design

Compact instruments that are characterised by a high degree of stability on the one hand and a lightweight design on the other are indispensable in everyday laboratory work. The powerful ultrasonic homogenisers incorporate special technologies that provide valuable support in a wide variety of areas. And all this without taking up too much space. Especially in small laboratories this aspect is a decisive advantage.

Small particles / droplets

The intensity of the ultrasound can be adjusted so that each ultrasonic homogeniser is perfectly tailored to the requirements of your work area. Especially in the medical field as well as in biology and chemistry one works with small particles and droplets. Therefore, our devices are ideally suited for each of your projects.

Processing high concentrations of solids

When selecting an ultrasonic homogeniser, the output volume is also relevant. While in the medical sector you mainly work with smaller sample quantities, in the environmental and industrial sectors large volumes are often required. With us, you will find the optimal device for every requirement, so that even the processing of high solid concentrations can be managed without any problems.

Stable suspensions, dispersions and emulsions

In ultrasonic homogenisers, the ultrasonic generator, the ultrasonic transducer and the sonotrodes all work together harmoniously, depending on the unit. This way you can be sure to produce stable emulsions, dispersions or suspensions according to your requirements. We have the optimal technical solutions as well as the suitable accessories ready for you.

Our manufacturers for high quality ultrasonic processors

At MedSolut you will find only the best manufacturers of ultrasonic homogenisers. Each of their products follows a specific philosophy. For example, discover the ultrasonic homogenisers from the brand manufacturers Bandelin and Hielscher for yourself:


The renowned company Bandelin, with its headquarters in Berlin, has enjoyed an excellent reputation since its foundation in 1949. From the German capital, the ultrasonic homogenisers are distributed to numerous countries and are in great demand, especially in the pharmaceutical and medical sectors as well as in many areas of industry and trade.

Hielscher Ultrasonics

The innovative ultrasonic homogenisers from Hielscher Ultrasonics have always been in use worldwide. Demanding corporate customers from many industrial sectors, such as the chemical and biological industries, but also from many other segments of research, industry and commerce have been relying on the outstanding product and service portfolio of this brand manufacturer for many years.

Find the ultrasonic homogeniser for your purposes at MedSolut.

Take your time and browse our MedSolut online catalogue. Discover highly professional ultrasonic homogenisers from selected manufacturers and take advantage of our professional advice. Please feel free to contact your personal expert at any time by phone or by e-mail at [email protected]. We look forward to hearing from you!