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Material Moisture Meter Applications

Material moisture meters from our catalogue are suitable for a wide range of applications. We will be pleased to show you the most suitable material moisture meters for your company in a personal consultation.

Private and commercial properties

Whether in residential, commercial or industrial properties: material moisture meters from renowned manufacturers are the perfect companions when you want to test walls, ceilings, subfloors or floors for their moisture content.

For quality assurance

You can use a moisture meter to determine the quality of the substances and materials used. This aspect is of great importance when it comes to ensuring quality standards.

Moisture damage and mould growth

In both old and new buildings, the penetration of moisture and cold can occur for a variety of reasons. The frequent consequence: mould growth. To assess the risk accordingly, you should use material moisture meters from the portfolio of our online catalogue.

Visual inspection of buildings

With a material moisture meter, you can check the quality of masonry and the moisture content of flooring, as well as get to the bottom of possible building defects. Material moisture meters are also helpful in assessing the quality of building materials and natural materials.

Precise measurement is essential in the laboratory: On you will find more high-quality laboratory analysers for professionals, from distance meters to calorimeters.

Overview of different measuring methods

We will be pleased to show you the measuring methods that have been established for the various areas. Moisture damage can also be detected by physical signs: For example, water rings, palpable wetness or so-called salt efflorescence are clear indications.

The following measuring methods have proven their worth when it comes to measuring material moisture:

Electrical resistance measurement

Electrical resistance measurement can be carried out quickly and has no adverse effect on the materials. No holes have to be drilled or other impairments of the material have to be accepted. On the contrary, results can be obtained immediately with this technology. Although the measurement result is not scientifically accurate, it is quick and easy to get a clear picture of the moisture content.

Capacitive measurement

With capacitive measurement, the moisture content is determined with the help of an electrical field. This is because the moisture in the material changes the permeability of the so-called electrical segments and this fact is used for the measurement. Although the determination of the value of soaked screed mud layers, for example, is not always completely accurate, you still benefit from meaningful measured values with a capacitive measurement.

Microwave method

Microwave technology makes it possible to determine the moisture distribution at a depth of up to 30 cm. The material can be tested absolutely free of disintegration. The degree of salinity of the building material is also irrelevant in this context.

You can use the microwave method for both older and newly constructed buildings. If desired, a microwave moisture meter can even be connected to your PC via a USB cable. This gives you even more convenience and usability.

Buying a moisture meter Decision criteria

Basically, it is advisable to choose a moisture meter that optimally meets your requirements as well as the needs of your company. We recommend that our quality-conscious customers consider the following criteria when making their purchase:

Measuring depth

The measuring depth does not mean the depth that the respective material moisture meter needs to penetrate into the surface to be tested. Rather, the measurement depth indicates how deep the respective device can measure into the surface of the wall. Do you suspect that the moisture is deep in the wall? Then you should choose a material moisture meter that is characterised by a high measuring depth. Especially for masonry that consists of different material layers, devices with a high measuring or penetration depth are recommended. This is because they impress with their higher precision when measuring.

Damage to the material

If there is any damage to the material, the measured values could be affected if the measuring instruments are of a lower quality. So choose a powerful, highly functional product that can take multiple measurements in a fraction of a second if necessary. This way, even if there is damage to the material, you will get accurate results and a detailed picture of the moisture content.

Minimum and maximum display

Do you want to know the minimum and maximum values of the moisture content? Then you are well advised to use an appropriate material moisture meter. The display of the minimum and maximum values helps you to find the most humid spots on a wall within the shortest time.

Moisture meters – your choice at

At MedSolut you can easily find the perfect material moisture meter for every need and requirement:

  • The innovative material moisture meters from Dostmann, which we offer in a practical case set, help you to carry out exact measurements and generate precise values. Thanks to the practical design, most of the models from this renowned manufacturer can be implemented perfectly in your work areas without losing valuable space.
  • The functional Living Climate Measurement Kit is ideal for professional energy consultants who want to offer a special service to their clients. The analytical device delivers accurate results and impresses with its user-friendly operability. The reliable values you can achieve with it also make the measuring case set so sought-after by demanding users.
  • The HumidCheck material moisture meter from Dostmann is extremely handy and extremely reliable when it comes to generating measurement results. The remarkable functionality also speaks for itself.

Order material moisture meters easily online at!

With just a few clicks you can order a professionally designed, high-performance material moisture meter from the MedSolut portfolio. We will be happy to help you with any questions you may have about the associated technologies. Contact us and take advantage of our professional advice. We look forward to your call (+49 30 209 657 900) or your e-mail to [email protected] You want quality? Then you’ve come to the right place!