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What are the distinguishing features of a micro-metering pump?

Unlike classic dosing pumps, micro-dosing pumps are characterised by their particularly small design and low weight. High-quality laboratory pumps are also distinguished by their high dosing precision and ease of handling.

They enable the exact dosing of liquids, with a delivery accuracy of around 0.5 percent, depending on the product. Whether as a single or double-head variant, modern dosing pumps in this product category are equipped with a powerful compact motor that can even operate two pumps simultaneously.

The pumping speed and the required rotational speed can be determined with the help of an implemented encoder, optical sensors or a specific Hall sensor system. The delivery volume of many micro-dosing pumps from the MedSolut-Store is adjustable. You also have the option of changing the tightening angle between the motor and the elbow if required.

Fields of application of microdosing pumps

The areas of application for microdosing pumps are extremely varied. Whether for analysis or dialysis, whether for medical technology or diagnostics, offers you numerous micro-dosing pumps that are distinguished by their qualitative value and their remarkable functionality. The laboratory pumps are ideal for the following areas of application:

For ventilators, home respirators and breathing monitors.

In ventilators, micro-dosing pumps have to maintain the internal pressure of the lungs. A precisely defined pressure in the range of 3.8 to 4.2 mbar prevents the pulmonary alveoli from collapsing.

Tip from the MedSolut experts:

Make sure that the valves close absolutely reliably even over long periods of time despite extremely low back pressure.

In anaesthesiology

The use of micro-dosing pumps is indispensable when performing surgical interventions. Here, too, absolute precision and reliable functionality are essential.

For the pressure and vacuum supply of portable surgical instruments

An absolutely reliable micro-metering pump is required to ensure an exact pressure and vacuum supply for the product application and thus to align the treatments in the best possible way.

Cure types and selection criteria

In the MedSolut range you will find a wide variety of device types with regard to microdosing pumps. We will be happy to show you which variant is particularly recommended for your projects and which selection criteria are relevant.

Dosing quantity per stroke

If you have to carry out dosing tasks of liquids in the l-range in the laboratory or institute, you need a pump with adequate dosing accuracy. Ideally, the product should have a high chemical resistance. Some of the micro-metering pumps in our range have units with several valves that can be opened simultaneously if required.

Flow rate per minute

The flow rate per minute plays a decisive role in the selection of a micro-metering pump. At you will find the right pump for every dosing project, for every working area and for the most varied material consistencies. We would be pleased to advise you.

Dosing accuracy

When working with medical equipment, absolute precision is essential, for example when using ventilators, anaesthesia systems etc.. Therefore, choose first-class micro-dosing pumps with the highest dosing accuracy. Our friendly team of experts will be pleased to help you at any time.

Maximum pressure

Depending on the model, the maximum pressure for pumping can be set individually. Experience has shown that, depending on the application, both too low and too high a pressure can spoil results and thus ruin important work. Take your time and select the microdosing pump with the right pressure volume on to be on the safe side right from the start.

Material of the components

The material quality is essential with regard to the value of a micro-dosing pump. Devices of this type must be resistant to a variety of aggressive, toxic or abrasive substances. The pumps in our range work with absolute precision and reliability at all times, even in demanding environments. Our technical advisors will be happy to help you select the right pump. Simply contact us!

Do you work with toxic, abrasive or particularly viscous liquids and would like to know whether a particular pump is suitable? Our technical advisors will be happy to help you!

Highest operational safety and maximum reliability

Even in the event of any operating errors, extreme operating conditions or in the event of improper handling, you must be able to rely on absolute reliability in terms of performance and functionality. This is also guaranteed with the high-quality micro-metering pumps from our shop.

Quality features of micro-metering pumps

When selecting the right product, the following quality features are decisive:

FDA-certified hoses

FDA-certified micro-dosing pumps are extremely helpful when it comes to the exact dosing of chemicals or other substances. They are also advantageous for aroma dosing, among other things.


Micro-dosing pumps are often exposed to a high pressure volume. In the self-priming version, they are able to discharge themselves independently, so that no additional adjustments are necessary. This aspect is particularly advantageous when handling toxic or chemical substances.

Dry-running safe

To ensure that the functionality and performance portfolio of micro-metering pumps are maintained and are not impaired by the loss of liquid, for example, you should choose pumps that are dry-running safe and particularly robust. For example, the pulse-free micro-dosing system HPLH PF from the engineering firm CAT M. Zipperer also meets these requirements.

Extensions and accessories

Of course, you will also find the appropriate extensions and high-quality accessories for your microdosing pump. These include the following products:

Replacement valves

Many microdosing pumps are supplied with additional valves that can be replaced in a few easy steps. You can also order the appropriate replacement valves for your device directly from our online catalogue.

Spare parts

If required, you can order the matching connections and adapters as well as other accessories for your microdosing pump from us. We will be happy to help you with your selection. Just ask us.

Replacement hoses

It happens that hoses become brittle over time, especially if they are exposed to high pressure. You can find high-quality replacement tubes for your pump with just a few clicks in the MedSolut range.

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