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When do I need a peristaltic pump?

The peristaltic pump is a laboratory pump which is excellently suited for specific applications. We at MedSolut offer you powerful peristaltic pumps as well as the matching accessories. These include high quality, customisable feeding tubes that are compatible with many feeding media. Use the peristaltic pump, among other things, when you need to …

  • to ensure gentle conveyance of sensitive materials, substances and materials, such as blood cells. With other pump variants, these could be destroyed by propeller blades rotating too fast.
  • To avoid contamination of samples or specimens with lubricants from the pump. Cleanliness and hygiene are essential in laboratories and institutes, so that peristaltic pumps are also of particular importance in terms of economic efficiency.
  • to work with the pump in continuous operation. Some experiments and examinations can take days or weeks. With a peristaltic pump from you are therefore always well advised.
  • Peristaltic pumps can be used to pump highly viscous or viscous substances. Compared to other types of pumps, peristaltic pumps work particularly smoothly, are shock-free and require only minimal maintenance.

How does a peristaltic pump work?

The way powerful peristaltic pumps work is simple but efficient. They move liquid substances through a flexible, continuously deforming tube. This process is called peristalsis. The method is based on human intestinal peristalsis, in which substances are moved on by contraction movements, just like in the peristaltic tube pump.

Advantages of a peristaltic tube pump

Compared to many other types of pumps, the peristaltic tube pump is much gentler in its methodology and therefore more gentle on the material. The risk of liquids being contaminated by, for example, le, is relatively low with peristaltic pumps. These and other advantages distinguish the peristaltic hose pumps from our online catalogue:

  • Self-priming function: Because peristaltic pumps are self-priming, they are easier to handle. The use of additional equipment is therefore not necessary.
  • No seals needed: You do not need any seals to ensure that the liquids do not leak out of the hose. Leaks do not occur thanks to the special nature of the hose fittings.
  • Low maintenance: Because only the hose comes into contact with the liquid, there is only one wearing part. The maintenance effort for peristaltic pumps is accordingly low, so you save costs in the short, medium and long term.
  • Functional in dry operation: Peristaltic pumps operate easily in dry operation without the risk of damage. In addition, you can operate peristaltic pumps at different speeds.
  • Versatile: You can use a peristaltic pump for different types of liquids. This even includes viscous or highly viscous substances or liquids with a particularly high solids content.
  • Dry-running resistant: No matter whether it is a question of the throughput of water, blood, honey or concrete – the powerful peristaltic pumps from the range work dry-running and are characterised by a particularly long service life.
  • Sterilisable: When working in the laboratory, for example when handling blood liquids or serums, absolute purity is the highest priority. The fact that peristaltic pumps can be sterilised in a few simple steps also speaks for itself.

Special services of peristaltic pumps at MedSolut

At you can be sure to always get the products, systems and equipment that are perfectly tailored to the requirements of your laboratory or institute. Peristaltic pumps generally impress with their outstanding functionality and a special performance portfolio.

In addition, the pumps in our range can do even more! We only offer peristaltic hose pumps from renowned manufacturers, so that you benefit from the following functional and performance advantages:

Low noise level at high pressure

You want a special performance portfolio for your peristaltic pump? Then you are guaranteed to make the right choice with the high-quality brand-name devices from our online catalogue. The remarkable efficiency speaks for itself, because the peristaltic hose pumps work at a very low sound level. And that even under high pressure.

Large tank volume

If there are large quantities of liquids to be transported in the laboratory, institute or company, regardless of whether they are low or high viscosity, you will benefit from the large container volume of the peristaltic pumps.

Continuous runner

Thanks to their solid design and special technical features, the brand pumps are even ideally suited for continuous use. This makes the most varied process sequences in your institute or laboratory even easier and more efficient.

Environmentally friendly

Every peristaltic pump is excellently thought out. The brand manufacturers not only have functionality in mind: They also focus on the well-being of the environment.

High glass density

Glass density plays a decisive role in numerous work processes. Let our experienced MedSolut experts show you the special advantages when it comes to the glass density of peristaltic pumps.

Ease of use

“Time is money” is the motto in everyday business life. Therefore, the easy handling of the pumps must be emphasised. Lengthy training or instruction of your staff is not necessary to ensure professional handling of the pump.

lfree compressor unit

Wherever blood fluids, serums or other highly sensitive substances are handled, absolute purity is essential. Thanks to the oil-free compressor units, there is no contamination of the liquids with oils or lubricants.

Particularly durable and stable in value

Both the solid components and the excellently thought-out technologies guarantee that you will be able to work professionally and reliably with the peristaltic pump for many years. And all this while maintaining the value of the pump, which is particularly low-maintenance.

How does the online order process work at MedSolut?

Order your peristaltic pump with just a few clicks in the MedSolut online catalogue. Our experienced professionals will be happy to recommend pumps from the renowned manufacturer Heidolph. The company is one of Germany’s leading producers of first-class laboratory equipment. The company is committed to pharmaceutical research in more than eighty nations and thus makes an invaluable contribution to improving people’s quality of life.

The ordering process at is simple and very customer-oriented. You can order peristaltic pumps directly online or take advantage of an individual professional consultation before hand. In the course of this, we will find out together which pump is best suited for your laboratory or institute.

The pump will be delivered within the shortest possible time, because we want you to be able to use the device in your company as quickly as possible. On request, you can collect the pump from our premises in the heart of Berlin. Please let us know if you would like to get to know our company “up close and personal”. We look forward to meeting you!

Find the right peristaltic pump at MedSolut!

Which pump do you need for your laboratory or institute? Please feel free to contact our friendly team of advisors by telephone on +49 30 290 657 900 or by e-mail at [email protected] We will be happy to assist you at any time. We are always happy to help you find the product you are looking for. This way you will easily find the peristaltic pump that fully meets your requirements. What can we do for you?