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Applications of laboratory dosing pumps

Every laboratory pump from the renowned MedSolut online catalogue convinces with excellent quality, remarkable functionality and a remarkable service life. Laboratory pumps are used, among other things, for dosing chemicals or medicines, or they are used to apply adhesives or culture media as part of specific biotechnical processes.

Depending on whether high- or low-viscosity substances need to be processed, MedSolut offers you the right laboratory dosing pump for every requirement. Please contact us. We will be happy to help you with your product selection.

Features of laboratory dosing pumps

The branded dosing pumps that we have available in our online catalogue for our discerning customers impress with their numerous practical features. We will be happy to inform you about the respective products and assist you in choosing your perfect laboratory dosing pump at any time. The following features (and more) distinguish the dosing pumps at

Anti-blocking function

If the dosing pump is used in complex power supply environments, an included powerful anti-blocking function is important. This prevents blockages, especially in areas that are difficult to access, and you benefit from higher time and personnel cost savings. Maintenance costs are also reduced as a result.

Various metering settings

In particularly sensitive areas, increased flow accuracy must usually be guaranteed. Thanks to the intelligent metering settings of the high-quality brand-name metering pumps, the metering volume and even the flow rate, among other things, can be set individually. This is particularly necessary when transferring substances or liquids with high precision. Please also ask us about the online dosing function.

External control via pedal or PC

If you decide on a laboratory dosing pump with external control via PC or pedal, you will benefit from special user-friendliness. Especially with dangerous or aggressive substances, it is essential to be able to control the required parameters not directly on the device, but from a “safe distance”. In addition, this function also makes it possible to deploy personnel in other units or departments.

Automatic pump head detection

The automatic pump head recognition offers many advantages in the daily routine of laboratories and institutes. The corresponding devices from our MedSolut range recognise all relevant pump head parameters, so that no complicated technical settings have to be made in advance. This saves time and ensures greater efficiency when carrying out different projects.

High degree of accuracy

The demands on the precise performance of laboratory dosing pumps are often very high. With special laboratory pumps, it is possible to achieve extremely high accuracies without the need to preset additional measuring devices in the dosing speed.

Types of dosing pumps for the laboratory

Inform yourself directly on about the different types of laboratory dosing pumps and convince yourself of the excellent quality. You will find these and other types in our online catalogue:

Reciprocating pumps

A reciprocating pump is a type of pump whose basic technology was already known in the Middle Ages. It consists of a piston that flows through a cylinder and also has an inlet and outlet closed by a valve. Reciprocating pumps are primarily used to pump large quantities of water or liquid, but they are also used to pump gases.

Peristaltic pumps

Peristaltic pumps are also called peristaltic pumps. They convey the respective medium by deforming the hose and ensure special precision when conveying or pumping. Would you like to find out more about peristaltic pumps? Then we look forward to hearing from you.

Diaphragm pumps

Diaphragm pumps are characterised by the fact that the medium to be pumped is sucked in and separated by a diaphragm and not by a piston, as is the case with classic pumps. In this way, a particularly high pressure can be achieved during pumping.

Eccentric screw pumps

Eccentric screw pumps provide you with highly precise results and at the same time impress with their clearly structured design. You even have the option of setting variable dosing quantities in advance. We would be pleased to show you the corresponding devices in our range and inform you about the advantages they offer you in your everyday laboratory and institute work.

Maintenance of laboratory dosing pumps

The maintenance of a laboratory dosing pump serves to ensure the best possible functionality and longevity of the device right from the start. It is important to have the maintenance carried out exclusively by qualified personnel, as otherwise the performance portfolio and functionality could be impaired.

This is equally important in terms of maintaining warranty claims. Once a month, we recommend a check by a professional. The following aspects are examined:

  • To what extent are the electrical and hydraulic connections functional? Can smooth operation continue to be guaranteed?
  • Are there any leaks, cracks or other leaks in the hose or in the connections to the dosing pump? These can also considerably affect the quality and functionality of the laboratory dosing pump.
  • It is important to check the hose, the seals and the valves for possible deposits .
  • Replacement of worn and damaged parts must be carried out without delay.

Selection criteria for the ideal laboratory dosing pump

When selecting the ideal laboratory dosing pump for your laboratory or institute, various criteria must be taken into account. To find the perfect unit in the MedSolut online catalogue, focus on the following factors:

Minimum and maximum flow rates (ml/min)

Do larger or smaller flow rates occur in the course of your work when using the laboratory dosing pump? We will be happy to advise you on the minimum and maximum flow rates required.

Inlet and outlet pressure

Especially in the laboratory, the highest precision in all aspects is indispensable. Therefore, when selecting your laboratory dosing pump, pay attention to the inlet and outlet pressure specified by the manufacturer and find out whether these values harmonise with the conditions in your laboratory.

Inlet opening

The design of the inlet opening also plays an important role in the selection of a laboratory dosing pump. Depending on the nature of the media, the surface of the opening must be resistant to surety or chemicals and of particular solidity.


The selection of the ideal laboratory dosing pump depends in particular on the liquids you work with in your daily laboratory and institute routine. Not every dosing pump is equally recommendable for all substances and viscosities.

Pressure sensor

Whether or not a pressure sensor should be fitted to the instrument depends on various circumstances. Often it is necessary to adjust the pressure in advance so that precise values are obtained, because only in this way can optimum results be achieved in the end.

Mass flow controller necessary?

If the laboratory dosing pump is used for conveying or for the throughput of smaller quantities of liquid, a mass flow controller is generally not required. Our team of experts will be happy to show you when you need this type of dosing pump.

Application time continuous or intermittent?

We offer different types of dosing pumps. Sometimes experiments or projects require continuous use of the pump, so that it is running 24/7. Then again, interruptions can be helpful, so that the device switches off automatically after eight hours or after several days, for example. Dosing pumps for short-term use can also be ordered from our online portfolio.

Type of control

When choosing the right laboratory dosing pump, the type of control system is also important. Whether analogue, via Ethernet or by means of manual standalone, we offer you a wide range of options. We will be happy to help you.

Laboratory dosing pumps in the MedSolut range

Whether KNF or from the engineering company CAT Zipperer, at you will only find high-quality, high-performance laboratory dosing pumps from renowned suppliers. Discover selected pump types with special functionality in our shop:

  • Depending on the model, the so-called “continuous runners” in our range of laboratory pumps are designed for use over several days or weeks.
  • Thanks to the high gas density, you benefit from maximum safety when handling the pump. Find out more in the MedSolut shop.
  • The low sound level even at high pressure will delight you. Because it is not only you who will benefit, but your entire team: you will all be able to work undisturbed.

Order high quality laboratory dosing pumps from MedSolut.

In our well-known MedSolut online catalogue you can order the laboratory dosing pump of your choice with just a few clicks. Would you like detailed professional advice or would you like to take advantage of further services? Then give us a call or write to us at [email protected]. We are always there for our quality-conscious customers.