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Which canister pump is suitable for which container size?

One of the most important factors in choosing the right canister pump is the size of the container. On the one hand, the volume plays a role, and on the other hand, the depth of the respective container. This is because the performance of the canister or barrel pump is crucial for efficient use. The same applies to the length of the suction hose, which must match the size of the container.

A canister pump for 20 litres must of course be designed differently from a laboratory pump for much smaller vessels. When selecting a pump, you should therefore always pay attention to the capacity for which the model is designed. Another factor is the type of pump. Electronic pumps are better suited to larger containers, while simple hand pumps are also ideal for small vessels.

Canister pump for different liquids

The type of liquid to be conveyed by the pump also plays an important role in the selection process. This is because the material of the respective model must not swell or become damaged when it comes into contact with the respective substance. Other undesirable reactions must also be prevented. Therefore, you should select the appropriate special pump types for your respective needs. In our assortment you will find a wide range of drum or canister pumps from various manufacturers such as Brkle.

For oil, petrol and diesel

Mineral oils, petrol and diesel present a challenge, as they have a low viscosity but can be harmful in combination with certain materials.

In addition, fuel spills are hazardous to the health of your personnel. This is especially true if the substances are stored in closed rooms. For this reason, it is advisable to use gas-tight versions of containers and pumps.

For Lyes and acids

Lyes and acids are used in industry as well as in medicine. Like other chemicals, they pose risks to personnel and can damage the vessels in which they are stored or transported. The use of special pumps is therefore necessary. The way they work is not much different, but the materials used are designed to withstand the corrosive acids and alkalis.

For solvents

Like acids and alkalis, solvents such as alcohol are used in many areas of work. These include, in particular, industry, laboratories, surgeries and clinics. To prevent the substances from becoming volatile, the closures of containers and pumps must be absolutely leak-proof . So choose the appropriate special pump model here too.

Canister pump drive types

In addition to the different materials and capacities of the canister pumps, a distinction is also made between different types of drive. A distinction is made between manual, electric and battery-powered versions. Each variant has both advantages and disadvantages.

Manually operated canister pump

One of the advantages of manually operated canister pumps is that they do not incur any follow-up costs. They are also not tied to a power supply and are therefore very mobile. A potential disadvantage, however, is that they require a comparatively high effort when pumping larger quantities. They are therefore more suitable for smaller volumes.

Electric canister pump

The electric canister pump is particularly practical for larger quantities, as it makes pumping the liquid much easier. The effort required is less and the speed of the pumping process is usually faster than with manual versions.

One potential disadvantage, however, is that electric models are tied to the power supply. In addition, there are ongoing costs due to the power consumption.

Canister pumps with rechargeable batteries

Battery-operated pumps, such as the AccuOne from Bürkle combine the advantages of manual and electric models. They are mobile, like the manually operated models, and are not directly tied to a power source. In addition, they require less effort than manually operated pumps.

The only potential disadvantage is that the battery needs to be recharged when needed. The operating time therefore depends on the current charge and is therefore limited in time.

Buying a pump for canisters Selection criteria

In order to choose the right pump for canisters, there are a number of factors to consider when making a purchase. This is because the model must be suitable for your particular needs in order to achieve optimal results. You should consider the following criteria when making your choice:

Flow rate

The pump’s delivery rate should always be matched to the size of the respective canister or container. In addition to the delivery rate, the length of the suction hose should also be taken into account. It should be long enough to reach the bottom of the canister without any problems.


In view of various substances such as solvents, petrol, l, acids and alkalis, the pump for canisters must be designed accordingly. Unsuitable materials not only cause damage when they come into contact with the liquids, but also pose a danger to your employees. This is because if holes and leaks occur, direct contact or the unintentional escape of gases and vapours can occur accidentally.

Type of pump drive

Hand-operated, battery-operated or electric canister pumps are each suitable for different areas of application. If pumping is only required infrequently or only for a small amount, a manual version is sufficient. Battery-operated models make the work easier, can be used independently of a power source and are therefore ideally suited for mobile use.

The electric versions make it possible to pump even larger quantities of liquid in a comparatively short time. Although they generate ongoing costs just like models with rechargeable batteries, they reduce the effort considerably.

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