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How a cutting mill works

A laboratory grinder is used to grind sample mixtures or materials of different consistencies. The function of a cutting mill is very simple, but highly effective. The principle of the cutting mill combines both the functionality of a shredder and that of a Laboratory mills shredder. With the aid of a so-called feed unit, you can feed the feed material in a self-dosing manner.

User convenience and flexibility of use

Depending on the task at hand, the feed of the respective substances can be individually adjusted. Usually, the material is shredded in advance so that it reaches the cutting mill area after passing through the shredder segment in the machine. There it is shredded to the previously set fineness. The vertical orientation of the cutting modules is important to ensure better accessibility to the cutting blade and the rotor.

The nature of the “inner workings

In this context, a vertical design is also advantageous in terms of cleaning the crop. At, you can select suitable cutting mills with optimised alignment and high torque. Our experienced specialists will be happy to show you which other criteria are relevant in the course of an individual consultation.

You will find these and other types of cutting reamers on

  • Cutting mills
  • Cutting mills with product-specific rotational speeds
  • Cutting mills with spiral or parallel rotors
  • Models with V-cut or cross-shear cutting rotors

Get an idea of the numerous cutting mill models that we have available for you in our range at

Typical sample materials for cutting mills in laboratory or industry

Whether hard, medium-hard or soft materials, whether elastic or fibrous substances, with a cutting mill you can grind and homogenise a wide variety of materials. Even materials containing solids and moist materials can be processed as required with the right laboratory grinder.

  • When processing textile materials or leather, it is necessary to carry out chemical analyses beforehand. To make this possible, high-performance cutting mills are required that are characterised by a high degree of functionality.
  • In food inspection, it is indispensable toregularly check the composition of foodstuffs. Without a high-quality cutting or laboratory mill, it is not possible to achieve precise results.
  • In agriculture, straw, hay and dried plants are subject to constant quality controls. Here, too, suitable cutting tools are indispensable.
  • In forensic science, a wide variety of substances have to be examined, also with a view to preserving evidence. Choose the most suitable cutting or laboratory mill from the portfolio.

Finding the right cutting mill: Criteria for selection

You will find the right cutting mill for every need and every industry in our range. We will be happy to advise you in detail and help you with your product selection. Among other things, the following criteria are important when making a purchase:

The speed of rotation

The higher the rotational speed, the easier it is to draw the ground material into the laboratory mill. High rotational speeds are particularly advantageous for fibrous, porous or elastic materials that need to be ground. Let the team of experts show you the other advantages of high-speed cutting mills.

The rotor design

Depending on the material to be shredded, either spiral or parallel rotors are advantageous. The so-called cross-shear cut rotors also provide first-class service for certain substances. When buying, also pay attention to whether one or more rotors are to be present in the device. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.

The quality of the blades

In classic cutting mills, which are primarily intended for domestic use, the blades tend to be soft in terms of their material composition. For use in laboratories and industry, the design of the blades should be as hard as possible and extremely robust. Some cutting mills are equipped with several knife units positioned one above the other in order to generate even finer results or to speed up the grinding process.

The sieve variants

After cutting, the ground material is transferred to a sieving device. Depending on how far the ground material is to be crushed or pulverised, the sieving device must also be designed. At you can choose between different degrees of fineness and material compositions.

Cutting Mills at Manufacturer and Assortment

Whether for laboratory or industry offers high-end cutting mills in various designs. You will find selected cutting and laboratory grinding mills from renowned manufacturers such as Retsch, Fritsch or the engineering company CAT M. Do you have any questions about our product portfolio? Then we look forward to hearing from you.


Retsch is an internationally operating company in the field of analysis-oriented sample preparation. The company is also active and highly successful worldwide in the field of particle boundary analysis of solids. With regard to the development and conception of cutting mills, with Retsch you benefit from over 100 years of experience. The renowned machine manufacturer has become the market leader in various fields.


Behind the Fritsch brand stands a medium-sized, family-run company that has existed on the market since 1920 with a comprehensive product range. The company is successfully represented in Germany as well as by subsidiaries in Singapore, China, Russia, France and the USA. We carry the best cutting and laboratory fl utes from Fritsch on

CAT M. Zipperer Engineering Office

Since 1976, the engineering company CAT, M. Zipperer GmbH has been developing solutions for the laboratory sector. Whether magnetic stirrers or cutting mills, whether cell counters or laboratory mills , with the developments of this renowned supplier you are equipped for the most diverse work steps.

Accessories for your cutting mill

In order to guarantee the high functionality of cutting mills right from the start, it is not only the excellent quality of the respective tool that is important, but also the quality of the accessories.

In the range you will find, among other things

  • Funnels,
  • Collection vessels in different sizes,
  • sieve inserts and
  • Cutting tool dies

The solid funnels in our store are available in a wide range of colours. The solid funnels in our store are ideal for long and bulk plastic products, among other things.

We also have stainless steel sluice hoppers with steel or plastic sliders. Rotors with straight cutting tools and counter-knives made of chrome-free tool steel further enrich our portfolio. Stainless steel sieve inserts with square or trapezoidal holes, stands and many other accessories complete our wide range of products.

High-quality cutting mills for your work process – get a non-binding consultation now!

Do you need a high-quality cutting mill? Then we look forward to your visit to our online store. Benefit from our excellent advice: If you have any questions, requests or comments, please do not hesitate to contact our friendly team of advisors by telephone on +49 (0)30 20965 7900 or by e-mail ([email protected]) to our friendly team of consultants. We are here for you!