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What is a tube furnace?

A tube furnace is a device for the uniform heating of samples and other substances of various kinds. It is also used for the heat treatment of powders and for Lt and Glh processes under inert gas and vacuum. Inside the device is an insert tube fitted with a gas-tight end cap.

This allows you to introduce or remove various substances from the furnace as required under a protective gas atmosphere. Remarkably, the extremely short heating and cooling phases are an essential basis for even more economical working.

Applications for tube furnaces

In general, a tube furnace is indispensable in the laboratory for carrying out essential processes under flammable or non-flammable protective or reaction gases. You can use it for the following procedures and work steps:

  • Melting
  • Calcination
  • Pyrolysing
  • Degassing
  • Crystal growing
  • Thermochromatography
  • Vacuum tempering
  • Fibre treatment
  • Viscosity measurements
  • Contact angle measurements

Find the right tube furnace for every requirement on

At you will find, among other things, tube furnaces that can even be used under vacuum conditions. In everyday laboratory work, both in the medical field and in research and technology, the focus is often on the application-related development of materials.

The main areas of application for high-performance tube furnaces include the annealing of ceramics, composite materials or glass, as well as the debinding and sintering of ceramics. When it comes to the examination of materials in the high-temperature range or the sintering of metals, you are also well advised to use a tube furnace from MedSolut-Shop’s extensive range of laboratory furnaces.

Versions and product features

At you can order tube furnaces in various designs in first-class quality. Discover our extensive range and choose the right tube for your application. Laboratory Furnace for your application areas according to the following features, among others.

Maximum temperature

Depending on the substances and samples you heat treat in the laboratory furnace, different temperature ranges must be achieved. Our friendly experts will be happy to help you find the perfect oven in the ideal minimum and maximum temperature range.

Heated lengths

Depending on the project or sample properties, the heated length of the tube furnace is important. This can vary from model to model and also depends on whether the oven is open on both sides or closed on one side.

The most important models in our online catalogue are characterised by heated lengths of 10 to 1,500 mm. Let us show you the current tube sizes and benefit from our performance and function portfolio tailored to your needs.

Tube diameter

The size of the tube furnace, but also the heat treatments to be carried out in each case, depend on the nature of the tube diameter. We will be happy to take the time to help you find the right laboratory furnace with the optimum tube diameter on

Number of heating zones

The innovative tube furnaces of the brand manufacturers consist of different, independent heating zones. These can be regulated in such a way that temperature or heat profiles can be set as required along the heated length. This gives you the ideal conditions for every project.

Alignment of the pipe

In order to create a maximum output volume, the furnace bodies are aligned directly towards the control unit of the furnace. This ensures targeted heat distribution for even greater efficiency and economy in the heating process.


Depending on the model, the tube furnaces from our shop impress with their remarkable output. However, a specific power spectrum is required for every need and every demand. Classic furnaces for the laboratory can be heated to a maximum temperature of around 600 to 1,500 C. In addition, special models are available. In addition, there are special versions with a performance of between 1,200 and 6,800 C. We at will be happy to advise you.

Material of the inner tube

Stainless steel and ceramics are probably the most solid materials of which inner tubes of tube furnaces are made. Ceramic as a natural material is particularly durable and impresses with its high heat storage capacity.

Tube stoves special types

The first-class tubular stoves in our online store are also available in special designs. These high-quality tube furnaces from selected brand manufacturers are available for you, among others:

High-temperature tube furnace

A high-temperature oven is equipped with ceramic heating plates and can reach particularly high temperatures. Thanks to the extreme heat storage capacities , a permanent temperature maintenance is guaranteed, which also results in high energy savings.

Chamber kiln

Chamber ovens with a sheet steel casing protect the contents of the oven during heat treatment to a very special degree. The inner casing isalso extremely heat-resistant and scores points for its high resistance. This ensures high efficiency even at high temperatures.

Folding tube stove

If you want a functional folding tube stove, you can conveniently use the existing folding door as a shelf. Or you can opt for a model with a lifting door, where the heated side is always turned away from the user.

Fast firing kiln

Thanks to the excellent temperature regulation as well as the adjustable openings for the draught and exhaust air, a particularly fast heating and cooling of the kiln is guaranteed. This saves valuable working time and energy. Discover the Nabertherm fast firing kiln at

Tube furnace manufacturers in the range

We carry tube furnaces from renowned brand manufacturers in our product range and can therefore always guarantee the best product quality for our demanding company and institute customers. You can conveniently order tube and laboratory furnaces from the following manufacturers at


The company has been successfully represented on the national and international market since 1947. With the tubes from this manufacturer, you benefit from first-class quality made in Germany. Discover our wide range of Nabertherm tubes.


THERMCONCEPT is your partner when it comes to high-performance furnaces and systems for the diverse and demanding applications in research, development and production. A wide range of electrically heated standard furnaces with high product quality forms the basis for customer-oriented and individually tailored solutions. Discover the professionally designed Thermconcept furnaces according to your wishes at


witeg Labortechnik GmbH was founded over 60 years ago and has always impressed demanding corporate customers with its innovative range of products and services. Order your laboratory furnace from witeg at and benefit from the longevity of your purchase.

Buy high performance tube furnace at

Order the tube furnace that fully meets the requirements of your laboratory at We will be happy to advise you and help you find the right instrument. Send us an e-mail at [email protected] or call us at +49 30 209 657 900. We look forward to hearing from you.