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Muffle furnace for applications at high temperatures

The muffle furnace is an important utensil in the laboratory. You can order this special type of furnace in different versions at Of course, you also benefit from first-class professional advice and a customer-oriented service offer. Convince yourself now of the outstanding quality products.

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Where are muffle furnaces used?

A muffle furnace is a special laboratory furnace that can be used in a wide variety of areas. For example, muffle furnaces are ideal in the following areas:
  • In the laboratory: When it comes to protecting samples or specimens from direct heat radiation or flames, you are very well advised to use a muffle furnace in your laboratory and institute work. Laboratory furnaces of this product category are also used in chemical analysis and in physics, for example in gravimetric processes.
  • In themetal and steel industry: Thermal treatment with a muffle furnace is essential for hardening steel and metal workpieces.
  • In crematoria: The combustion chambers of crematoria are also equipped with muffle furnaces.
  • In distilleries: For the production of porcelain, bricks and other objects made of clay materials, muffle furnaces are very suitable.

Design and function of a laboratory muffle furnace.

In a muffle furnace, the heat source is separated from the rest of the firing chamber by a heat-resistant insert. The protective insert is called a muffle and serves to protect samples and other materials to be heated from direct exposure to flames and heating element radiation as well as from gases. Temperatures of up to 1,400 degrees Celsius can be reached in modern ceramic-lined muffle furnaces. In the MedSolut portfolio, for example, you will find muffle furnaces with the following functions:
  • With ceramic muffle

Muffle furnaces in which the heat protection devices inside are made of ceramic are particularly robust. Very high temperatures can be reached in them, which is not only relevant with regard to selected laboratory samples at work, but also in distilleries or crematoria, among other places.
  • With included scale

To ensure maximum precision when working with heated samples, offers high-quality, high-performance muffle furnaces that are equipped with a built-in scale. This allows the sample to be measured before and after the heating process, among other things, and the specific mass to be determined.
  • With integrated exhaust gas cleaning

When heating substances, exhaust gases are produced which, in conventional furnaces, are extracted separately by means of an exhaust system. The functional muffle furnaces on have an integrated exhaust gas cleaning system, which makes the use of the furnace even more economical and energy-efficient overall.
  • With loss-in-glow determination

Muffle furnaces designed for loss-on-glow applications offer particular advantages when working in the laboratory. You benefit from more efficient and environmentally friendly operation and even more precise results.
  • With afterburner

Muffle furnaces with afterburners are used for the direct removal of toxic or harmful vapours that may be generated during heat treatment processes.

Services of our muffle furnaces

Discover the special features of our high-quality muffle furnaces in our store. You will certainly be impressed by the following performance and function portfolio:
  • Muffle cones with practical lifting device make it easy to insert the samples. Ceramic heating plates with splash- and waste gas-protected heating wire can be replaced as required.
  • Instruments with heating on both sides are a guarantee for additional ease of use and increased time savings. Thanks to the special functionality, a constant temperature is guaranteed at all times.
  • Laboratory or muffle furnaces with a recording function enable precise monitoring of the individual process sequences. This is an important aspect with regard to the exact traceability of thermal treatments.
Do you need a muffle furnace with special functions and features? Our friendly team of experts will be happy to assist you in selecting your "dream furnace". We look forward to hearing from you.

Correct use of a muffle furnace in the laboratory

One of the special features of the muffle furnaces in the MedSolut online catalogue is that each model offers you a wide range of parameter settings. This is fundamental with regard to generating precise results. Depending on the product or sample, the dimensions of the kiln should be conceptualised. This is because uniform temperature control can only be guaranteed with the right size. Check the insulation properties in advance. Also, the bottom of the oven should be covered with solid silicon carbide plates and a mitred shell. This will prevent the impact of heating elements during loading and unloading. The muffle should be heated separately before the tempering process. Especially in moulds that can be heated to a particularly high temperature level. After inserting the sample, make sure to seal the tr absolutely tightly to avoid possible heat loss and to increase the efficiency. In addition, such a procedure has an effect on the economy of the respective application. Regular monitoring of the temperature control process provides an additional measure of safety and helps to achieve optimum results with every procedure.

Selecting the right size

Size is also important if you want to find the perfect muffle furnace for your projects. Certainly, the ideal size depends on the size of the samples or specimens to be heated. But the number of pieces also plays a role. If your oven is always fully loaded, the highest efficiency can be achieved.
  • Smaller muffle furnaces with a capacity of up to 40 litres are ideal for smaller workpieces, samples or test objects.
  • If you need to fire larger quantities of smaller individual workpieces, a medium-sized muffle furnace is a good choice. The heat distribution can be targeted in the inner segment.
  • Large-volume muffle furnaces with a capacity of about 450 to 500 litres are used for heating specific materials and substances in larger quantities. In addition, the use of a large muffle furnace is recommended when it is necessary to fire individual pieces gently, evenly and at a moderate level.
Note: When setting up your muffle furnace, take into account the need to allow for a breathing space. This means that, for safety reasons, there should be a minimum distance of about 50 to 100 cm from the wall or other equipment.

Manufacturer at MedSolut

At you will find high-quality muffle furnaces for professional use. We trust in the following renowned brand manufacturers:


Since 1947, the name Nabertherm has been synonymous with excellence in furnaces and heat treatment equipment for a wide range of industries and businesses. The company, founded by Conrad Naber, is internationally renowned as a manufacturer of muffle furnaces.


When it comes to high-performance furnaces and systems for production and research, demanding companies usually think of Thermconcept. Highly qualified technicians, engineers as well as hardware and software specialists have always been entrusted by Thermconcept with the task of designing excellent furnace systems for a wide variety of industries.


Witeg Labortechnik GmbH has been successful on the market since 1960. The product portfolio currently includes more than 30,000 innovations, which are certified according to DIN EN ISO 9001. Corporate customers in more than 100 countries have relied on the professional product, performance and service portfolio for decades.

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  • Delivery is immediate, so that you can start using your new muffle furnace in just a few days.
  • Upon request, our technical team will assist you in planning and setting up the furnace.
  • Do you need spare parts or accessories? Please do not hesitate to contact us. We will be happy to help you in this regard as well.
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